How to choose your surfboard bag for travel?

Do you like to journey with your surfboard? Are you thinking about buying a surfboard bag and don´t know where to start? Don´t worry, to help you choose here in Single Quiver we´ve made this guide where you will find all you need to know before you buy one.

Surfboards are very fragile. I´m sure that the great majority of you have a friend that has had their board destroyed their quiver. If not, then you can see cases like Natxo Gonzalez or Alex Gray, whose quivers were broken by Iberia and American Airlines

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Either traveling by plane or by car, we recommend that you don’t skimp when buying a surfboard bag. After buying your board and wetsuit, this will be a very important buy. Also, the bag materials are durable and will last a long time.

Types of bags

1. Boardsocks

Made for short journeys. To take by car, bike or walking. Boardsocks have a protection on the nose so that your board is protected from the sun.

Pro: More economical and doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

Con: Doesn’t protect the board from dings.

Surfboard boardsock

2. Padded 5mm bag

These are also made for short travels. Although these include a 5mm pad that will protect your board from the sun and most blows to it.

Pro: Doesn’t occupy a lot of space and usually have pockets to keep you wax and fins

Con: Designed for just one board

surfboard padded travel bag

3. Padded 10mm bag

If you´re going to do a longer journey and transporting more than one board these are ideal. You can get doubles, triples, with wheels and no wheels. They have a 10mm foam pad.

Pro: Very robust and with pockets to keep you accessories. Best for long journeys

Con: Very bulky

Bag sizes

Surfboard travel bag

O&E Compact Doble TC

An important factor when choosing the correct bag for traveling is choosing the correct size.

  1. For boardsocks you should choose the same length size. The material of the sock cover is elastic so don´t worry, you don´t need to take the fins off. There are boardsocks for shortboards, longboards and hybrids.
  2. Other board bags (5mm & 10mm) our advice is to choose a bag that is a bit longer than you board. This makes sure that your board will fit and you can put something padded (like a change of clothes) on the nose and tail to give a bit of extra protection.

Bag shape

The same way there are boards with different shapes, board bags have also evolved. Today you can find bags for hybrids, fish, shortboards, longboards, SUPs or funboards. Look for the bag closest to your surfboards shape.

The most common question

Does the bag size have to coincide with my surfboard?

Surfboard bags have length and width. The length of the bag will tell you what size board will fit in the bag. For example a 6´0” board will need a 6´0” at least. Now for the width, if you board has a lot of volume and is wide you´ll need to choose a bag that´s sufficiently wide that it´ll let the board be loose inside so as to not damage the board. We always recommend you by a bag that’s a bit longer than the board. This lets you add extra padding if you´re wary when flying.

If you have any doubts, check your board size and contact us. Our team of surf experts will help you and give you the best options based on your needs.

Surfboard bag O&E double

Boardbag O&E Compact Doble TC

What other details should I focus on?

If you have a good idea of what bag is best for your surfboard, we recommend that you check on the details of the bag. The price differences between the different brands usually result in small changes in each bag. If you need to transport fins, check if there´s and expandable tail so they can fit while mounted.

Or if you need more space, find one that has interior pockets for wax or fins. If your journey is going to be a long one, find a bag with wheels or a padded and comfortable strap.

Interior pocket boardbag shapers

Interior pocket boardbag Shapers

We hope that this small guide on how to choose your surfbag has been useful. If you have any doubts, consult us. We have a team of surf specialists that will help you.

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