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Chilli Surfboards was born in 1995 from the hand of shaper and founder Jamie Cheal in Australia. Today Chilli surfboards have become one of the leading surf brands on the international scene. In 2014 Andy Irons began to use his boards in the World Tour. Surfboards performance for all types of surfers and high quality. Single Quiver is the official Chilli Surfboards Europe store. 


Chilli surfboards are the result of the extraordinary work of Australian shaper James Cheal, who works in the Shapeland factory in Portugal. The red pepper brand has established itself as one of the world leaders in the design and development of surfboards.

The Chilli's are manufactured to the maximum detail. Something you don't find in many places. From the leash cap designed by Futures to the carbon inlays by Colan. The quality of construction is exceptional.


Chilli boards are suitable for all levels of surfing, from intermediate to high performance shortboards. Whatever your level, there is a Chilli board for you.


Singlequiver is the official store of Chilli Surfboards Europe. Our team of experts has surfed almost every board in the Chilli range at some point and we also talk to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on the performance of the boards in all kinds of conditions. So we are well placed to talk about all aspects of the Chilli surfboards.

In case we don't have the measure you request in stock we pass the manufacturing order to the European factory and you will have it ready in about 3- 4 weeks.


The Miami Spice is a great option for those looking for a groveller board, the Cherry Peppa is a more traditional board, the Rare Bird is a small wave board, the Churro is a more conventional high performance board, the Chili Hot Knife is our favorite. Not to mention the Sugar. One of the best twinfins we have ever had in our quiver.

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  • Chilli Mid Strength Chilli Mid Strength
    Chilli Mid Strength

    Chilli Mid Strength is a performance mid-length surfboard that should be a consideration for anyone who can competently stand and navigate along a wave.

    664,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Grom Plus Chilli Surfboards Grom Plus
    Chilli Surfboards Grom Plus

    Say hello to our new little friend the new improved Grom Plus. This board has evolved from a mixture of Project Black models we have made over the years for our team riders Laura Enever, Matt King and more recently super mini grom Kobi Clements. Please consult us about stock for delivery within 24 hours. Sizes available in stock in the description below.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Churro Chilli Surfboards Churro
    Chilli Surfboards Churro

    El modelo Chilli Churro es una tabla para olaThe Chilli Churro model is a board for small to medium waves and all types of surfers. An all-rounder for intermediate level surfers. Please consult us about stock for delivery within 24 hours. Sizes available in stock in the description below.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Rarest Bird Chilli Surfboards Rarest Bird
    Chilli Surfboards Rarest Bird

    The Rarest Bird by Chilli Surfboards is suitable for every level of surfer is the perfect board for the most of small conditions Check with us stock for shipment in 24 hours

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Spawn Chilli Surfboards Spawn
    Chilli Surfboards Spawn

    The Chilli Spawn features a continuous rail line rocker, pulled in squash tail, single concave and a medium to low rail that allows the board to hold in when put on rail. 

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Hot Knife Chilli Hot Knife
    Chilli Hot Knife

    The Chilli Surfboards Hot Knife is designed to be your new multipurpose board. Its name already says so. The Hot Knife goes like a hot knife through butter. A new and incomparable all-terrain surfboard that promises speed, forgiveness and lots of fun.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Sugar Chilli Surfboards Sugar
    Chilli Surfboards Sugar

    Sugar Chilli Surfboards is a classic twin fin with a modern touch. A surfboard designed for all types of surfers and for waves up to 1.5 meters.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Rare Bird Chilli Surfboards Rare Bird
    Chilli Surfboards Rare Bird

    The Rare Bird, Chilli Surfboards' best all-round design.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Black Vulture Chilli Surfboards Black Vulture
    Chilli Surfboards Black Vulture

    Chilli Surfboards Black Vulture is one of the most versatile surfboards of the Australian brand. The surfer Lee Wilson fell in love with this model that surfs in 5'5. Lee Wilson says it's one of the fastest boards he's ever surfed with.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Peri Peri Chilli Surfboards Peri Peri
    Chilli Surfboards Peri Peri

    The Peri Peri of Chilli Surfboards is an intermediate model between the Spawn and the Rare Bird. Never before has the combination of a small wave board and a high performance board given such a good result. A surfboard with which you can surf 80% of summer days as it is designed for waves from a quarter of a meter to a meter and a half.

    624,00 €
  • Chilli Surfboards Faded Chilli Surfboards Faded
    Chilli Surfboards Faded

    The Chilli Surfboards Faded surfboard is born from the Fader model of the Australian brand Chilli. This is a board you can trust. If you had planned a surfing trip visiting the best surf spots in the world and only had space for one surfboard, this would be your board.

    674,00 €



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