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Carver Skate Triton

Carver Skate Triton | Surfskate

The new Triton Surfskates by Carver come with Cx4 axles, roundhouse carver wheels and at a very competitive price. This may be the best option to get a cheap surfskate.

This new collection of surfskates is the lowcost version of the Carver Skateboards. A few models with roundhouse wheels of 69mm and a hardness of 78a. Very fast wheels with a lot of grip. As far as the board is concerned, these are made of maple wood with 7 blades.

Price Triton Carver

A surfskate with a super competitive price of 199€ and with which the brand aims to make you feel the waves wherever you are. They are almost 100 euros different from other surfskates of the brand. A carver for less than 200 euros? Without being a second-hand Carver? What's the difference between triton and traditional carver?

Difference between Triton Carver and Carver Pro Models

The main difference between a Triton and a traditional Carver lies in the raw material and the place of manufacture. While Carver Skateboards are 100% made in the USA, Triton are manufactured in Asia.

1. Raw material "Wood": Tritons are the cheap surfskates of the Carver brand. The substantial difference in prices is basically due to labor, material and place of manufacture. Carver is made of 7 layers of American maple wood. While the Triton have only 5 layers.

2. Labor: Carver skates are 100% made of American steel, premium American wood and built in the official Carver workshop in the United States. The Triton, on the other hand, are manufactured in Asia and do not carry the Carver brand guarantee.

3. Axles: Until this year the Triton had only the CX axle. While the traditional Carver can be ordered in C7 or CX. Similar operation but a little shorter.

Who do we recommend a Triton Surfskate for?

If you are looking for your first surfskate and still don't know if this surfing is your thing, a Triton is a good option to have a cheap skate. If on the other hand you have tried other skates of the brand or you already have a Yow, a Smoothstar or a Swelltech in your quiver a Triton may know you little by little.

The triton is an ideal surfskate for children. The new collection Triton by Carver has 4 models designed for young riders. Argon, Hydron, Nitron and Xenon are surfskates for children and young skaters.

For more information about children's surfskates visit our BLOG

In Singlequiver.com you will find all the carver Trtion models at the best price. Free shipping 24 hours Peninsula and Portugal.

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The 30.5" Triton Black Star surf skateboard with its generous spoon and kick tail nose is an ideal model for banks and skateparks and for those riders looking for a classic old-school feeling. With its wider spooned...


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