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Stewart Surfboards inc. is headquartered in San Clemente, Ca. Owned and operated by original founder, artist and surfboard shaper Bill Stewart. Our 5000 sq.ft factory/ retail store produces and sells what are regarded by many as the best hand made, high performance surfboards on the market. Tested and proven designs ridden by the 3x World Long board champion Colin Mc Phillips, and other professionals as well as countless armatures .

We specialize in performance surfboards, custom hand shapes and unique artwork in both traditional polyurethane and lightweight EPS.Bill is the pioneer in modern longboard design.During the eighties longboards were basically extinct.

Bill and a handful of other shapers were responsible for the return of the longboard as we know them today. The first to apply the 2 plus1 fin configuration, fully beveled rails, and shortboard concave theories into his longboard designs in the early 80's. Co-inventor of the Future fin system box and the Strongbox.

From the groundbreaking Hydro hull model to the incredibly technical Nightstalker, Bill is inspired to make any surfboard perform to its maximum capability, and does not rest on his laurels."Surfboards made the old fashioned way, only better”

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  • Stewart Hydro Hull Fun Tuflite-PC - Grey/Red Stewart Hydro Hull Fun Tuflite-PC - Grey/Red
    Stewart Hydro Hull Fun Tuflite-PC - Grey/Red

    Este diseño actualizado podría ser la mejor forma de evolutiva / egg que se haya hecho. Los railes envueltos en carbono distintivos para broche de presión y tracción, y el icónico rail biselado Hydro Hull le da a esta tabla una transición fácil de rail to rail.

    1 349,00 €
  • Stewart Hydro Hull Tuflite-PC Stewart Hydro Hull Tuflite-PC
    Stewart Hydro Hull Tuflite-PC

    El Hydro Hull Tuflite-PC 9'0 "gira como un 8'6", rema como un 9'6 ", y los noserides como un 10'0". Esta nueva generación de Hydro Hull tiene un moderno rocker de acabado, con un fondo cóncavo de simple a doble, y está hecho con la construcción patentada Tuflite-PC de Surftech para una flexión más natural.

    1 459,00 €




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