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Surfboards by the highly skilled surfer Josh Constable, having surfed for more than 20 years and won a world title, 6 Australian Titles and 51 career titles. He was able to work and get knowledge from the best shapers in the surfboard industry.

Every Creative Army surfboard is handmade and unique. This makes every surfboard a work of art exclusive to you. Each board is made so that beginners are able to practice their skills and advanced surfers are able to get the maximum out of each surf session.

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  • 5'10 Creative Army Taco PU Mini Simmons Surfboard

    This mini simmons inspired surfboard is for anyone that wants to get out there and just have fun. The Taco is super fast, really loose, and makes your turns smooth and silky. It’s quad fins are set close to the rear of the board and are iconic of its style and era with a modern flair. It is amazingly easy to paddle due to its super flat rocker, and excels...

    589,00 €
  • Creative Army Huevo PU

    El Huevo, es una tabla de surf híbrida clásica que incorpora lo mejor de un shortboard y de un longboard.

    789,00 €
  • 9'2 Creative Army Seahorse PU Surfboard

    The Seahorse, is a stylish old skool, single fin Longboard. This board is about forgetting about today’s crazy surfboard designs and getting back to simpler times and shapes. It has a full template, low rocker and soft rails. Made for endless nose rides and fluid turns. Its low rocker will get you through those hard to make sections and the soft rails are...

    939,00 €
  • Tabla de Surf Creative Army Jive PU

     El modelo JIVE de la marca australiana Creative Army es un tablón moderno, para todo tipo de olas y niveles de surf

    949,43 €



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