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Cruiser Skates

Cruiser skateboards or just simply Cruisers are skateboards with bigger wheels tan traditional skateboards. Ideal for travelling long distances or irregular terrain, to avoid pebbles and cracks in the road. Inspired from the old school boards. In our selection of cruiser you´ll find longboard cruisers. Stable and silent. With a flat tail and a pointed nose.

Cruiser vs. Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are a fusion of skateboards and longboard and, generally, aren’t bigger than conventional skateboards. Inspired in the old school designs of the 70s. The main difference resides in the wheels. The wheels of a cruiser are bigger, have more grip and are faster. The bearings are also more flexible and give the skater the ability to turn and maneuver with ease.

Cruiser vs. Surfskate

The main difference between Cruisers and Surfskates is the axis. The axis from surfskates will let you get that surfing sensation on the asphalt just like on the water.

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