Horrific Surfing Attack in Bali: A Reminder to Stamp Out Aggression in the Surfing Community

After an incident in the water, a group of Brazilian surfers assaulted two women on the shore. Bali is no longer a secluded place, and unfortunately, incidents of aggression in the surfing world are not uncommon. However, it is rare for such a significant incident to be recorded on video, as was the case for Californian surfers Charlie McHarg and Sara Taylor during a recent trip to Bali.

Sara, a professional surfer, was being filmed by Charlie on the shore when she was hit by a wave. As she paddled back to the lineup, a friend of the surfer who had jumped in front of her hit her on the head. The situation escalated, and the aggressor continued to harass Sara and Charlie, culminating in a violent attack on the beach.

The group of surfers tried to attack the two American women, grabbing their camera and immobilizing them on the ground while making sexual gestures and insults. They even tried to break their surfboards before the women finally managed to escape on a motorcycle.

The aggressors were identified as a group of Brazilian surfers living in the Uluwatu area, and authorities in Bali are seeking to deport them. Many professional surfers and champions like Mick Fanning or Kelly Slater have spoken out against the attack, calling for the surfers to be banned from ever surfing again. Such incidents of aggression are unacceptable and have no place in the surfing community.


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It is unfortunate that incidents like these continue to happen, but it is crucial to stand up against them and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. It is essential to remember that surfing should be a sport that is enjoyed by all, regardless of gender, race, or nationality. We must all work together to create a safe and inclusive community for everyone.