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Today in SINGLE QUIVER we tell you about the new material that Firewire Surfboards will incorporate next year in their boards: Firewire Volcanic Tech. So, if you want to know more about this new technology, determined to be more sustainable and resistant than others, stay to read this article, we tell you everything! Novelty, technology and development … This time Firewire has excelled!

First of all, what is Volcanic Tech?

It is a new construction material that Firewire will incorporate in some of its new surfboard models. Here’s how they do it and what this new board material is all about.

Volcanic Tech is made from basalt fibers extracted from volcanic rocks that are crushed, melted and extruded into woven fibers that make up the fabric. Manufacturing the basalt fiber requires melting the crushed and washed basalt rock at about 1,500º (2,730 Fº). Pretty hot, don’t you think?

The molten rock is then extruded through small nozzles to produce continuous strands of basalt fiber. Those filaments are then cut into log fibers and woven into laminated fabric fiber.

Now you know what it is and how to get Volcanic Tech for Firewire, but what does it entail? Why are we telling you about it? Here below we tell you about its most important features.

Firewire Volcanic Tech Features

This fabric has similar characteristics to carbon in terms of strength and weight, but because the fibers are sourced from organic raw materials, when combined with biological resins they are a slightly more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fiberglass fabri

Firewire Volcanic Tech – Hawaiian South Shore

Volcanic Tech

Basalt fiber has been around for decades, but is relatively new to fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) and structural composites as it relates to surfboard construction. It has a similar chemical composition to fiberglass, but has better strength characteristics and, unlike most glass fibers, is highly resistant to alkali, acid and salt attack, making it a good candidate for surfboard manufacturing.

Compared to carbon and aramid fiber, it has the characteristics of a wider application temperature range of -269° to +650°, higher oxidation resistance, higher radiation resistance, and relative compressive and shear strength.

The fabric can withstand higher temperatures than carbon fiber and is therefore widely used in the aerospace industry for the creation of rockets and jet engines. The surf industry is evolving so much that it now even uses the same materials as the aerospace industry!

The elasticity characteristics of this fiber are greater than those of traditional carbon fiber, which allows the board to have more flexibility for a natural feel underfoot.

In addition, Repreve is used in some of its board models. As the world’s leading recycled fiber made from ocean plastic bottles, repreve is a sustainable innovation that allows Firewire to build strength and flex control into every Volcanic board, while preventing plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean destroying, as thousands of plastics already do, the marine ecosystem.

Still not clear? Here are the main advantages of the new Firewire Volcanic Tech construction material:

  • More environmentally friendly fabric than traditional fibers (carbon, glass, etc.).
  • Greater resistance to alkaline, acid and salt attacks than fiberglass. Excellent choice for the surf industry.
  • Higher temperature range than carbon and aramid fibers. Plus greater resistance to radiation.
  • Greater elasticity than carbon fiber.
  • Use of Repreve: high performance and high quality fiber made from recycled materials.

In conclusion, if we talk about Firewire Volcanic, we are talking about a resistant, innovative and ecological material. Now we will show you which surfboard models incorporate this material.


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Rob machado con su nueva Seaside Volcanic

These are the models of Firewire boards that incorporate Volcanic Tech:


A board that stands out for its speed and ease of surfing, we must highlight mainly its outline or contour.

According to Rob Machado himself, it is a very thick board, but as it gets closer to the edges, it gets thinner. It has the best liter distribution seen in a groveller, allowing new lines in small waves and great speed in good waves.

This, combined with the edges remaining thin, makes it a board that allows for high volume without sacrificing edge grip and turn. Also the tail is thinner than the center of the board.


Firewire Volcanic Seaside Machado

Seaside Machado measurement chart

image 9


The new Sweet Potato is the new and improved version of the Original Sweet Potato.

This board, made with the new Firewire Volcanic technology, is a shortboard that packs a lot of volume into a much shorter length than is normally needed. This makes it possible to surf small waves, usually common for longboards, with a shortboard that will bring you maneuverability and fun.

Features of the Sweet Potato Mannkine

  • Double concave that splits the board in half when leaning. Makes it feel like a much narrower board than it really is.
  • Swallow tail, combined with the outline through the fins, makes for increased maneuverability in tighter turns.


Seet Potato Mannkine measurement table

image 5


A board by Rob Machado and Dan Mann, combining the best designs of each: the Seaside Surfboard and the Spitfire Surfboard.

From the best of these boards, we get a Mashup Surfboard with speed in small waves, like the Seaside; and maneuverability in vertical waves, like the Spitfire.


MASHUP VOLCANIC available in Singlequiver.com

Available sizes of the Firewire Mashup Surfboard

image 7


In addition to these models, we find other boards such as the Cymatic Tomo, but this time using Volcanic Technology; as well as the Seaside and the Greedy Beaver, boards that not only use Volcanic Tech, but also Repreve recycled fiber.

FIREWIRE Volcanic Tomo


And who better than Rob Machado to show us the new Volcanic surfboards and give us his opinion about his new Volcanic Seaside.

If you have any questions about this new material and/or board models, leave us a comment and we will not hesitate to help you.


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