Inside the Mind of Italo Ferreira: How He Caught 63 Waves in an Hour

Italo Ferreira, the reigning World Surf League champion, has been pushing the limits of what is possible in competitive surfing lately. Despite some tough events in 2023, Italo has been catching an incredible number of waves during his training sessions. During a recent heat in the Portugal comp, Italo caught 10 waves in just 40 minutes, an incredible feat considering the large and unruly waves of Supertubos.

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Italo’s fitness level is a testament to his dedication and training regimen. In fact, he caught an astounding 63 waves in just one hour during a session with friends. This kind of endurance is hard to fathom for most of us, but for Italo, it’s all in a day’s work. According to the stats from his sessions, he logs an average of 12 waves in a 42-minute session, which equates to catching a wave every 3.5 minutes. He prefers short sessions to stay focused and perform at his highest level. If he goes longer, he gets tired and slows down.

italo ferreira pipeline 2019

Italo Ferreira con su título de campeón en Pipeline 2019

Italo also has a unique approach to surfing. He hates sitting still and crowds, so he prefers to go surf a “shitty wave” by himself rather than wait for a set and risk getting burned by someone else. He believes that if he can surf a “shitty wave” well, he can surf anything. This mindset has served him well and allowed him to catch a maximum of eight boards in a day. He does quick sessions with a ton of waves to test out as many boards as possible.

In terms of air completion rate, Italo is not one to shy away from attempting aerial maneuvers. His rate of completion is an impressive 66%, with 63 makes out of 96 attempts. During the Stab in the Dark competition, Italo landed 15 airs in one session, proving his ability to push the limits of aerial surfing.

Despite his success, Italo has had his fair share of challenges in 2023. But he remains undeterred and determined to keep pushing the limits of what is possible in surfing. His love for the sport is evident in his dedication and passion, and he’s not afraid to take risks and try new things.

Italo’s accomplishments in surfing speak for themselves. He is the current WSL champion, with a total of 11 CT victories, including the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters. He is also an Olympic gold medalist, having won the first-ever surfing event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Italo’s dedication to the sport and his unique approach to surfing make him an inspiration to surfers all over the world.

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In conclusion, Italo Ferreira’s recent feats of catching 63 waves in one hour and 10 waves in just 40 minutes are nothing short of incredible. His fitness level and dedication to training are a testament to his success in the sport of surfing. Despite facing challenges in 2023, Italo remains undeterred and determined to push the limits of what is possible in surfing. His unique approach to the sport and his accomplishments make him an inspiration to surfers around the world.