Solo Shot 3, the ultimate robot camera to record your surfing sessions

Today we are talking about the third edition of the popular sports video camera Solo Shot. Soloshot 3 Pro. It’s a device that can help us improve our surfing without the need of having a professional camera outside. But be careful where you leave it. Its price of 760 euros approx. makes this camera become a succulent booty for friends of others.

Solo Shot 3: how does it work?

The operation is very simple. You mount it in the place you like best depending on the scene you want to record. The device has a signal transmitter, which has a wristband, so you can take it with you and the receiver will follow your movements.  This way, you don’t have to trick any friend into recording you while you are surfing.

Soloshot camera reaches a distance of 600 meters approx. It automatically tracks the subject or subjects wearing the wristband, keeps them in frame and captures the action for up to 4 hours.

One of the main new features of Solo Shot 3 is that it allows you to broadcast live through the SOLOSHOT application, and share the images that the camera captures on the spot.

soloshot 3

soloshot 3

Soloshot Price

There are two versions of this sports video camera: Optic25 and Optic65. The first is priced at $899. While the second one costs 1099 dollars. This last one, Solo Shot3 Optic 65 has a range of more than 600 meters and allows recording in 4k. While the Optic 25 records at a distance of up to 600 meters and in 1080p quality.

What is included in the Soloshot 3 Pro package

The pack includes:

1. Tag
2. Bracelet
2. Base
3. OpticX Camera (Optic65 shown)
5. 5. Mini USB charging cable
6. Tripod adapter screw
7. Tripod tool

camera robot

El kit Soloshot 3 Pro

The best of the Solo Shot camera

Record at 4K30 with a 65x optical zoom capturing action from 2,000 feet (600 meters) away. You’ll never miss a moment of your best waves. Without a doubt one of the best robot cameras on the market.

Common questions before buying Soloshot

✔Can you track several people at once?

Yes! SOLOSHOT offers multi-mode, which allows a single base station to track multiple people. With automatic multimode, you can tell the Base to follow either the “Nearest Tag”, the fastest, to change tags or even a group of Tags in the Base.

✔Does it work for capturing photos and videos?

Yes, both the Optic25 and Optic65 can take 12 MP photos. The size of the still images of both is 4000H x 3000W and they are saved as JPEG files. SoloShot can also be set for time lapses, with customizable intervals of 1 – 3600 seconds. You can choose between automatic exposure, or customize it up to 10 minutes with our manual exposure option.

✔How long does it take to charge the battery?

SOLOSHOT3 takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge. We recommend using a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter for best results.

✔How long does the battery last?

When fully charged, the SOLOSHOT3 battery lasts between 2-3 hours with typical use cases. Please note that live broadcast and 4K resolution will use more battery power.

✔ What type of SD card do I need for my SOLOSHOT?

Both OpticX cameras use microSD cards for image and video storage. They are sold separately.

≫Where to buy soloshot?

You can buy soloshot 3 at the official website of the brand. Be careful to buy soloshot cameras at Amazon . The brand claims that they do not sell the SOLOSHOT camera or microSD cards on Amazon and they are not sanctioned by the company.

If you choose to go with another card, it must be rated U3 (UHS-I Class 3) or faster. Please note that compatibility/stability with other cards is not guaranteed. We do not recommend the Lexar 633 x 200GB microSD card. Please beware of Amazon microSD cards disguised as SOLOSHOT microSD cards. We do NOT sell microSD cards on Amazon and they are not approved for use with the camera.

soloshot surf

soloshot 3

Vídeo cómo funciona

A continuación os dejamos un vídeo en el que podéis ver cómo funciona esta cámara robot ideal para los aficionados al surf.