Here come the new Tritons from Carver

This 2019 the American brand, Carver Skateboards, comes bearing gifts. Apart from the new collaboration with Lost Surfboards, Carvers comes with 4 new Triton models: Argon, Hydron, Nitron and Xenon. Next we´ll explain the main differences with the previous Triton collection from Carver.

Carver Triton Argon 25” C5 at 209€

The new Carver Argon with the C5 axis is the smallest Triton in their lineup. A skate made to transmit the complete experience to the lower weight riders. With softer bushings and C5 axis that are lowered, it is a very responsive and easy to carve board. A surfskate made for the younger public and lightweight riders.

Triton Argon Carver

SurfSkate Triton 26″ Argon Con Ejes C5 Raw

Carver Triton Hydron 27” C5 at 209€

The new Triton Hydron 27” with C5 axis is a fish-like board. The Hydron is highlighted by having softer bushings, lower trucks and fish tail. Its 27” deck is made to give the surf and skate experience to all ages.

Triton Hydron Carver

SurfSkate Triton 27″ Hydron Con Ejes C5 Raw

Carver Triton Nitron 28” CX at 209€

The new Triton Nitron 28” comes with CX axis. The Nitron has the perfect size for both kids and adults. With the new CX axis, which is elevated, this little board has a good inclination and a strong carve.

Triton Nitron Carver

SurfSkate Triton 28″ Nitron Con Ejes CX 6.0 Raw

Carver Triton Xenon 29” CX at 209€

The new Triton Xenon 29” with CX axis is the big small board in the new Triton line. A skate that executes its function perfectly for riders of all ages. With a wider wheelbase and elevated axis in a narrower deck, this is the surfskate you need to get when can only have one skate in your quiver. The Xenon is fun guaranteed for all.

Triton Xenon Carver

SurfSkate Triton 29″ Xenon Con Ejes CX 6.0 Raw

What are the differences compared to the Blue Horizon, Black Star, Red Diamond and Green Glass?

The main difference is also de aesthetics of the board, Carver finally has boards directed to the younger riders. Something that Smoothstar already has with their Smoothstar Fish and Barracuda. The model Argon 26” is especially made for kids or lower weight riders.

Another big difference is the axis of the Tritons 2018. All the 2018 models exclusively have the CX axis like the Blue Horizon or Black Star etc… The new collection of Tritons 2019 comes with CX and C5 depending on the model.

As for the price, the new 2019 Tritons are 9 euros more expensive compared to the 2018 lineup. A small difference especially compared to the rest of the skates from this American brand.

What’s the difference between the Tritons and the rest of Carvers skates?

  1. Manufacturing: Tritons are cheap surfskates from the Carver brand. The big price difference basically comes from the cheaper labor costs and place of manufacturing.
  2. Labor costs: Carver skates are 100% made with American steel, American wood and made in the official Carver workshop in USA. Tritons on the other hand are made in Asia and don´t have the seal of guarantee from Carver.
  3. Axis. Tritons until now have been exclusively CX. While traditional Carvers could be ordered in C7 or CX. Similar function but somewhat shorter.

 Where to buy?

Already available the new collection of Tritons from Carver Skateboards in Single Quiver. Order yours and don´t miss out. The Triton brand will be positioned as low cost surfskates. With a price of 209 euros, the truth is they are an excellent choice to start with and still doubting whether this carving over the asphalt thing is for you.