Salinas International Longboard Festival

What is a longboard festival?

This weekend come back the Salinas International Longboard Festival, in its XVII iteration. A festival where there are different competitions in the longboard category. Also, this year during the Salinas Festival, the Spanish longboard Championship and Asturias Championship will be hosted.

Next we´ll tell you the details of the Festival and all the activities that you´ll be able to enjoy this weekend.

What activities are there during the festival?

Apart from longboard competitions, in Salinas Longboard Festival you can find stands with all types of material and surf clothes, food trucks, and free concerts for all.

For all the people registered in the competition, a parking and camping zone will be made ready where you can leave your vehicles and mount your tent. Careful! To access some camping zones you need to register previously through email. Due to the great quantity of people, these free camping zones are overcrowded quickly. In our case even though we registered for the camper zone, once we got there we couldn´t access the zone due to it being totally full. Despite the organization being able to locate another space for us, this was a generalized problem.

Salinas International Longboard Festival Campers

Parking Campers Salinas

Our tip: if you have a friend that can reserve a spot, ask him please. If they still let you do this, it’s a life saver. If you don´t have that luck, the next plan is to get to Salinas as soon as possible.

Here is a map of the distribution of the stands of the surf market, the stages and camping zone.

Salinas International Longboard Festival Map

Where is it hosted?

Salinas is a small locality situated 34 km from Gijon. It has one of the longest beaches in Asturias with more than 2.5 km of sand divided into two parts; San Juan de Nieva beach and Salinas beach. Together known as El Espartal Beach. A privileged place where the beach goers can enjoy spectacular scenery.

Salinas Beach

Photo @singlequiver_enelpico

When is it?

The XVII edition of Salinas International Longboard Festival will be from the 26th to the 29th of July in 2018. Next we´ll leave you an information pamphlet with all the activities available during the surf festival.

Salinas information

How can I participate?

Everyone that wants to participate in the different competitions can do it with an online inscription. There are different categories: pro, Spanish championship, popular – sub 18, kahunas, single and retro classics Salinas and expression session. Each one of these categories has a different price.

Salinas international Longboard Festival


For example, the Single and retro Salinas is obligatory to bring retro or single fin boards. The register can be done through the website of the event.

Requisites for participating

Would you like to participate but don´t have a 9 foot board? Don´t worry, in Single Quiver we have a selection of the best longboards in the market. And if you don´t know what size is best for you, check our surfboard recommender out.

Salinas beach

Foto: @Single Quiver

Salinas Longboard Festival Competition Categories

Pro and women

Salinas competition

Register cost: 45€

Scoring: 70% Classic and 30% Modern

Surfboard limitation: 9´and above

Prizes: 1st 1,000€; 2nd 300€; 4th 100€

Spanish Championship (Men and women)

Register cost: 25€

Rules: Surf Federation, judged by a panel

Prizes: n/a yet

Spanish Championship

Salinas sub 18


Register cost: 30€

Scoring: 50% Classic and 50% Modern

Surfboard limitation: 9´ and above

Prizes: n/a yet. Pass to Senegal Surfcamp

Sub 18

Register cost: 18€

Prizes: na yet


Register cost: 15€

Age: 50 years old as of 2017 or more

Prizes: n/a yet

Salinas Kahunas

Single and retro – Classic Salinas

 Salinas single and retro comeptition

Single and retro

Register cost: 15€

Surfboard limitation: singles and retros with less than 7´

Prizes: n/a yet

Classic Salinas

Register cost: 15€

Requirements: Have participated in the festival between 2002 – 2007

Prizes: n/a yet

Expression session

Register cost: 20€

Scoring: 33% Complete wave, 33% Best radical, 33% Best Classical, 1% Best Wipe Out

Prizes: In cash 80% of the registers

Expression session salinas

Novelties for 2018

In this new edition for the Salinas International Longboard Festival there are a few new things:

  • All the participants will be asked to be insured. It´s enough to be federated but in any other case you should pay the 7€ insurance for the whole championship.
  • The Pro Women category will have the same economic prizes.
  • The mens, womens and juniors will be celebrated in the Spanish longboard Championship.
  • Also included, the Asturias Championship.
Salinas international longboard festival

foto: @singlequiver

The best of the 2018 festival

Great atmosphere, good music, tasty food and spectacular scenery. What more do you want from a surf festival?

We did have good forecast for waves, but reality didn´t live up to the forecasts. Friday the sea was beautiful. Glassy with different peaks throughout the beach. But Saturday, apart from rain, there was wind. The sea was choppy and those that had to compete had to use their creativity to get something out of it.

Salinas international longboard festival

The sea friday @single quiver

Salinas international longboard festival

Choppy and gry saturday @SingleQuiver

Here we have a few photos with the best from the festival.

Salinas international longboard festival

Surf market @SingleQuiver

Salinas international longboard festival

Foodtruck in salinas @Single Quiver

Salinas international longboard festival

retro & single @Single Quiver

Salinas international longboard festival

Another of the many foodtrucks @SingleQuiver

Salinas international longboard festival

Exposition Mercedes Marco Polo @Single Quiver


If you don´t know what to do this weekend, and you like surf, music and good atmosphere, come to Salinas! You won´t regret it.

If you can´t assist this festival, stay tuned to our social media where we will show you the latest of the festival and championship.

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