The best wetsuit to surf this winter

Today we´ll talk about the 3 best neoprene wetsuits for winter surfing. For that we are comparing the three best winter wetsuits that we´ve chosen this year as the warmest and most comfortable. Nevertheless in Single Quiver we have worked so that you can have all the material you need at a click of a button from the best brands for surf material. Now on to our experts commentary.

Wetsuits for winter

1.     O´Neill Mutant

Iconic wetsuit from O´Neill. A wetsuit that follow the style of other high range wetsuits from O´Neill like the Psycotech. A wetsuit that will assure you maximum performance and comfort in the water. Perfect for winter and water temperatures of between 10º and 14º. This last version, maintaining the same brand philosophy, the Mutant 5/4 with chest zip and hood has some important changes.

The O´Neill brand has launched a new version of the traditional Mutant as a tribute to Jack O´Neill. We´re talking about the Mutant Legend. This high range wetsuit is available in 4/5mm with chest and hood zip. Highlighted by its spectacular design and finish. The Californian brand has only made 300 units for this Legend Series. An exclusive wetsuit with small details giving honors to Jack O´Neill in the sleeves, chest and the back. The best of the best to not catch a cold this winter and have an exclusive neoprene wetsuit.

Its price: 359€ at Single Quiver or 34€ a month

The best about the Mutant:

  • Thanks to its interchangeable neck with hood, buying the Mutant from O´Neill you get two wetsuits in one
  • Includes unique modular fastening system by O´Neill
  • One of the most versatile wetsuits in the brand
  • Made with UltraFlex DS and UltraFlex Firewall in front and in the back
  • A neoprene wetsuit that is very warm and very flexible
  • Its price, it’s a high range suit for less than 400 euros. This makes it a cheap wetsuit for its quality
  • An excellent option for all of those surfers that are looking for quality and price

Price: 359€

Legend Series Price: 359€

“Comfortable, light, flexible, warm and elegant. Last year the Mutant by O´Neill was the most sold high range neoprene wetsuit. This year they want to repeat this feat with the Legend Series.”

2.     Psycotech Fuze O´Neill

Its no coincidence that in the ranking of the 3 best winter wetsuits we find 2 O´Neill wetsuits. This is something you will notice when you put on a quality brand that has a big R+D department. The Psycotech Fuze is the highest range from the brand. A wetsuit that is highlighted for being lightweight and its heat giving power thanks to its system for not absorbing water.

The Californian brand has designed this wetsuit with a focus on what you expect a wetsuit to be: warm, freedom of movement and good results in the water.

Strong points about the O´Neill Psychotech Fuze O´Neill

  • Flexibility: The wide range of motion this wetsuit gives you
  • Waterproof: Less water in the wetsuit means more retained heat
  • Technobutter 3: The best material to adapt you body thanks to its elasticity, durability and hydrophobia. A material that is resistant enough to support standard O´Neill wetsuit tests. Technobutter 3 spreads itself perfectly all over the body, generating an agreeable sensation thanks to its softness.
  • Seal of 4mm silicone based in urethane with a triple stick and invisible seams
  • Fuze close system
“The Psycotech range from O´Neill is the result of many years of investigation and development. A wetsuit that is warm and comfortable that guarantees maximum durability”

Its price is 422€. Sold in Single Quiver starting at 43€ a month.

3.     Hurley Advantage Max 5/4mm

Another wetsuit that has left us good sensations is the Hurley Advantage Max 5/4mm with hood and chest zip. Its design is a full suit with hood is a good option for people that feel cold easily.

Strong points to highlight about the Hurley 5/4

  • Flexibility: a flexible wetsuit that adapts itself perfectly to the curvature of the shoulders
  • Specially comfortable and warm
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • Elastic seams that guarantee freedom of movement without producing chafing
“Warm light and comfortable. Its innovative zipping system with let you use only one hand to secure the chest aperture.”

Its price: 460€ in Single Quiver or 46 € a month


And that’s our wetsuit revision for the best winter wetsuits. We promise that we will keep adding to this list as the year goes along and get new wetsuits. So don´t miss out!

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