Information and Opinion on the neoprene wetsuit O´Neill Hyperfreak Fuze

Just like in previous occasions, we´ll put the wetsuit to the test O´Neill Hyperfreak Fuze in its 4/3 mm version. Apart from the general information that we´ll give you, we´ll also give you our wetsuit opinion. For that we value aspects like elasticity, thickness, seams and zippers, etc.

The O´Neill brand

The O´Neill brand is linked to the origins of the neoprene wetsuit. In fact, it´s history starts in 1952, from the hand of Jack O´Neill that has recently passed away at 94.

Jack O´Neill

General Characteristics of the Hyperfreak wetsuit

The neoprene wetsuit O´Neill Hyperfreak Fuze is made for cold waters in between 10ºC14ºC. Its TechnoButter 3 technology is highlighted for how light weight it is and for its warming power thanks to its no water absorption system. It´s coated with TechnoButter 3 Air panels on the chest and back, which avoid the body from getting cold from the wind and at the same time transforms the Sun rays into heat.

In regards to its durability and seal, this wetsuit counts with a chest zipper, and also wrist and ankle seal that doesn´t let water enter when falling or tumbling.

Hyperfreak Fuze wetsuit

Testing: Opinion on the wetsuit

In EnelPico we continue to unveil the secrets of the latest and newest in the surf industry. In this occasion it was our material tester Igor Fernandez, the one in charge of doing a wetsuit test. Here is what he has to say:

What aspects would you highlight?

1. Size

Size. SS. For me, with this size, O´Neill has won me over. The most important part of a wetsuit is that it fits you well. O´Neill has gambled for a wider range of sizes and covers practically almost all the physiques. My size, SS, fits me like a glove, it´s the first time in my 28 years of surfing that I put on a wetsuit that is my measurements. Until now I´ve had to decide between an S, which is long and wide for me, and an XS which has a good length but it´s too tight around my shoulders, which makes a 4/3 really hard to put on and take off.

2. Comfort

Totally comfortable to take off and put on. Incredible. I can take this off easier than my 3/2 Excel size XS.

O´Neill Hyper Freak Fuze wetsuit

ONeill Hyperfreak Fuze

3. Design

The shape of the wetsuit. The design is well thought out. It adjusts to me perfectly and doesn´t pressure me anywhere. It feels like water is going to enter since I notice the pressure… but no water!!! There have been days with short baths with little sea where I´ve come out with my chest totally DRY. “We have before us a wetsuit that is comfortable to put on and take off. The wetsuit design is well thought out. It adjusts to me perfectly without squeezing.”

4. Durability

No water has entered until the end of winter, where a hole has opened in my armpit area. I put some liquid neoprene and for now it looks like there is no water entering. The rest of the wetsuit is perfect.

Hyperfreak Fuze zipper

5. Elasticity

Lastly, we have to highlight the elasticity. Mine is the competition model, which makes it even more elastic and logically a bit less warm. It´s super comfortable in the water, both for paddling and surfing. I prefer to ride the line on temperature. For here in Basque Country it goes well up to January. Not cold at all. Then for the harder days of February and March I put on a vest under the wetsuit. Although if I could get my hands on a 5/4 for those days, I´d have the perfect wetsuit quiver.

Get your Hyperfreak Fuze 5/4 mm for only 269 euros.

O´Neill Hyperfreak Fuze

6. Lightweight

The wetsuit is super light. It doesn´t weigh a thing. In fact… the lightest that I´ve ever seen. When dry it weighs very little, but where we really see the difference with respect to other wetsuits is when it´s soaking. When you take it off it hardly has any water. I have an Excel 3/2 with a similar price and I am an Excel fan, but when the Hyperfreak is wet it weighs a lot less than my Excel 3/2. I don´t even want to start if we compare a 4/3

“It´s super comfortable in the water, both for paddling and surfing. But where it really shines is its weight when wet. When you take it off it hardly has water.”


Our conclusion is we are before a really comfortable, light and elastic wetsuit. You can notice that O´Neill counts with their own R+D department which can improve their elasticity, comfort and waterproofness.

What we liked: Comfort and how hardly any water enters

What we liked least: For winter day we would go for a 5/4/3

Where to buy

If you are interested, we have 3 versions available. The 3/2 mm, 4/3 mm and the 5/4 mm in Singlequiver. Its price starts at 244 euros. If you have any doubts over the thickness , don´t miss our guide for buying wetsuits.

Get your own Hyperfreak 3/2 mm with a discount in our wetsuit outlet for only 176 euros.


Here we leave the official video from O´Neill for their Hyperfreak model

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