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Thinking about getting a cheap surfskate to get the most out of your surf sessions over the asphalt?

We present the new line from Carver, the Triton surfskate. The new Triton surfskate by Carver come with Cx4 axis, Roundhouse carver wheels and avery competitive price. These may be the best option if you want a cheap surfskate.

This new lowcost range from Carver surfskate come with 69mm roundhouse wheels and 78a hardness. Very fast wheels and lots of grip. In regards to its deck, it´s made with 7 ply hard rock maple.

The brand: Carver

Through its surfskates the Carver brand has been able to translate to the asphalt the sensation of surfing on water. Bringing surf to the streets and letting the skater to flow through the road like a wave.

Triton Surfskate opinion

Triton Surfskate

Next we´ll give you Eben Woodalls opinion, vice president and one of the creators of the new triton line by Carver:

Triton is born of the sea, but rides atop the land. It carves with the same power, speed and flow of the fabled finned watercraft that inspired it. Everything about it is pure surf, from the directional templates and iconic graphics to the quick turning geometry and easy rail-to-rail pump.

Eben Woodall Carver Vice President

Eben Woodall
Carver VP

Technical Characteristics: Axes, Wheels and Deck

The high performance of the Triton brand comes from its Carver Cx4 axis and its fast 69mm Roundhouse wheels with lots of grip. The Triton deck is made with 7 ply maple wood. This is the result of 20 years of innovation and surf experience. Made by and for the world market with the guarantee of good and durable design, endorsed by Carver Surfskates, Leading brand in the world surfskate market.

A surfskate, with the competitive price of 199€, which the brand wants to help you feel the waves wherever you are.

Triton Surfskate

We will upload an opinion article after fully testing this new collection from the American brand. This is the best value, almost 100€ difference from other surfskate brands.

Meanwhile we will show you the four models that compose the new line:

4 Triton Models

The new Triton surfskate line has 4 models. Each made for a different rider. While the Red Diamond is a surfskate for kids, girls or generally low weight riders, the Black Star is made for skateparks, the Green Glass for those bigger riders and lastly the Blue Horizon is the ideal Carver to warm-up with before a surf session.

Next we´ll explain in more detail each of these Triton models:

1. Triton Red Diamond

The Triton Diamond from Carver is 30.5 inches, it’s the smallest surfskate. Recommened for kids, girls or low weight  riders.

It’s the perfect skate for beginners.

Price: 199€

Red Diamon Triton Surfskate

2. Triton Black Star

Black Star Triton Surfskate

Under the Triton line, the Black Star model is 30.5 inches and perfect for benches and skateparks and for those riders that are looking for the old-school classic feel. With its cockroach nose and generous kick tail, you´ll be having that nostalgia sensation riding it.

Price: 199€

3. Triton Blue Horizon

With its 31 inches, the Triton Blue Horizon from Carver is ideal for a quick warm up before a surf session and can be used in any part of your city.

If you´re thinking about buying a carver, but don´t know which surfskate you´ll like, the Blue Horzion is a good option. A cheap surfskate, endorsed by Carver Skateboards.

Price: 199€

Blue Horizon lowcost surfskate

4. Triton Green Glass

Versatile size and form, this board is easy to boost and get speed, while being stable. Its 32.5 inches make this the longest triton, with ample wheelbase to pump fast and get a comfortable posture. Perfect if you´re a rider in a higher weight class.

Price: 199€

Green Glass Triton Surfskate


Which is your Triton surfskate? Reserve yours while stocks last!

If you have any doubts about which Carver is best for you, call us or send us an email and we will help you. Buy your triton starting at 19€ a month in Single Quiver. Don’t miss our tutorial videos for skate tricks and maneuvers, and our tips to keep you skate in optimal condition.

Our tutorial videos for surfskate:

  1. Pump
  2. The floater
  3. Reentry from the frontside
  4. Reentry from the backside

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