How do you strap your surfboard on your car?

Surfboards are fragile elements. In another post we´ve talked about protecting your surfboards when travelling. Today we want to talk about how to secure your surfboard on your car. Without a doubt one of the most important lessons, since this may be an almost daily or weekly activity. But really, what is the best way of putting your surfboard on your car? Well spoiler: on the car rack.

1. Surfboard in the car

Without a doubt this is the most used option for transporting your surfboard to the beach. For comfort or simply ignorance, the majority of surfers decide to put their boards in their vehicles risking these fragile objects destruction. So take care, taking your surfboards in your car may be illegal where you live. Not only because we´re trying to avoid fines, but also if we have an accident the surfboard turns from our best friend to our worst enemy becoming a flying guillotine.

surfboard in the car

 How much is a fine?

In Spain it can reach 200 euros depending on which article the agents choose to apply. So both to save money and save our necks, surfboards should be on the car rack.

2. Surfboard on your car rack

If you have a rack available for your vehicle, or you have the opportunity to install one, it´s without a doubt the best option for transporting your surfboard. In the market there are a great variety of car racks for your surfboard. Fixed racks, soft racks, or even universal racks.

surfboard on your car rack

Removeable Car Rack by Surf Logic

To put the boards on top of your vehicle you´ll need a fixed rack, rack protectors and tie down straps. Kanulock, Shapers, Surf Logic or Ocean & earth are some of the brands that offer racks for board transport on cars. Apart from the racks, you´ll also need tie down straps and rack covers so your surfboard doesn´t suffer any damage on the way because of sudden movements or potholes.

How to correctly place your surfboard on your car rack?

To set your surfboard correctly over the car rack you only need to take into account one thing, and that’s putting it upside down with the nose towards the front in a travel cover, like a sock or padded cover.

2.1. If you have a fixed rack on your car

If you have a universal car rack, we will start by placing the protective foam on the racks of your car. Try to keep these centered. Then we´ll put the surfboards over the foam and lastly place the tie down straps. You don´t need to tie it down too tight, just as long as it´s not loose. All accessories needed for this will cost just 38 euros. A cheap and safe option.

If you´re looking for a car rack, check out our surf accessories section. We have the best accessories for car so you can transport you surfboard safely.

Protective foam for car rack: 19 euros

Tie down straps: 19 euros

Car rack

2.2. If you don´t have a fixed roof rack

If you don’t have a fixed roof rack available, or don’t want to invest in them, you can use the option of using soft rack on your car roof. The main difference of this option is that it´s relatively economical and fast to install and uninstall. For less than 60 euros you can buy a soft rack for your car, like the removable car racks from FCS.

Soft racks surf

3. What if I need to transport my paddle board

Unless you have an inflatable paddle board which fits perfectly in its bag in the trunk, you´d have to transport a paddle surf on the roof of your car. For SUP transport there are specifically made racks. Which is the case of the O&E SUP Rax, perfect for transporting your paddle board on your car.

4. Transporting your surfboard in your luggage carrier

There are trunks or luggage carriers made specifically for surfboards. Thule or Surfbox are two of the most well known brands for luggage carriers. It´s a most  expensive option out of all of them, but also the most secure for material transport. The price of a luggage carrier ranges between 800 euros to 1500 euros.

Luggage Carrier

Five tricks for transporting your surfboard on your car

  1. If you have more than one surfboard, stack them.
  2. Always put the surfboards upside down with the nose looking forward.
  3. If you are transporting more than one surfboard, take the fins off. If the bundle occupies less space, it´ll create less wind resistance.
  4. Use tie down straps to keep your board in their place. This accessory is only 22 euros and will avoid problems.
  5. Don´t go overboard with how many surfboards. An excess of load will have a negative effect on your cars consumption.

Tie Down Straps Surf

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