5 Reasons why we should get a Carver Surfskate

The Carver Surfskate, half toy half learning tool that can improve your surf technique, this can be one of the best surf training to get better balance, coordination and style out of the water. One of the main problems when we want to improve our style and technique is the little time we have in the wave. The fact that we surf over asphalt gives us a wide time margin to make maneuvers and correct posture.

What is a Carver?

A Carver is a skateboard that simulates the surf movements. Its main difference with respect to the rest of the skateboards resides in its trucks. The Craver brand skateboards know how to bring the feeling of surf to the asphalt. Through their surfskates, they’ve been able to give the skate a fluid movement over the road as if it were a wave.

CX truck from carver

ejes skate carver cx

Benefits that a Carver gives to surfers

Here we´ll give the 5 main benefits that a Carver Surfskate will give you as a Surfer:

1. A Carver will help you improve you balance over the board

The position that we have over the skateboard is similar to the one on the surfboard. The positioning of the feet, body incline, compression and extension of our knees simulates the pumping over a surfboard. This is one of the main reasons that we recommend its use and practice.

2. With a Carver you´ll get better style

As we said in the start, the main problem for improving our surf style is the little time we spend over the waves. So for this we need to add the problem of perception. Until we´ve recorded ourselves on video, we won´t see what we do right or wrong while we´re on the board. A surfskate gives us that time and place making it easier to make a video on the streets than in the water where there are a ton of surfers.

Carver surfskate

Courtney Conlogue having a blast

3. Improve your coordination

There´s a reason why lots of athletes consider surfing one of the hardest sports that you can practice. The main reason is because surf not only depends on technique but also knowledge and experience. These last two aspects can only be given by time, so we´ll focus on something that you can improve which is technique.

Surfing a wave requires only 4 essential maneuvers: pumping, bottom turn, top turn and cut back. This turns and lines repeat themselves in every wave. A Carver gives you the option to practice over the asphalt again and again these 4 main movements. We recommend that you don´t miss our tutorial videos for surfskate where we show you how to make these movements with your carver.

Tutorial: How to do a cut back

Tutorial: How to pump with a Carver

If you are one of those people that already knows the 4 main movements and are looking to jump to the next stage, you can practice your frontside reentry, backside reentry and floater with our skate tutorial videos.

Tutorial: How to do a frontside reentry

Tutorial: How to do a Floater

Tutorial: How to do a backside reentry

4. A surskate will help you get better posture over the board

Having good body posture will influence the behavior of our surfboard. The posture is simple: feet apart, shoulders and upper body slightly rotated toward the boards nose, knees lightly bended, arms loose and hands pointing forward. The key: know your starting position and incorporate it into your surf process.

Over a surfskate you can practice again and again this posture. Without having to wait for a wave to come. Once you´ve automated this posture it will be easier to pass this from the road to the water.

 Josh Kerr Sean another carver surfskate fan

Josh Kerr Sean another Carver surfskate fan

5. It´s lots of fun

Apart from all the benefits we´ve told you up till now, surfskate is a super fun activity. We are sure that as soon as you try it you will succumb to the Carver addiction.

And since an image is worth a thousand words, here´s a video with the benefits of Carver and how it improves your surf technique and life.

How much does a Carver cost?

The American brand Carver Skateboards has just released their new Triton Surfskates. A skateboard line with Cx4 axis and Carver roundhouse at a ver competitive price. For only 199 euros you can get your Triton. It may be the best option for getting a cheap surfskate.

Carver Surfsakte

Going out of the triton line, we can find Carvers from 239 euros like The Ahi by Bureo, to 276 euros like the Firefly (A start model from Carver) to 355 euros of the Haedron.

What aspects do I have to take into account when I buy a Carver?

We recommend you check out our article on the latest from the brand where we tell you everything about the models, axis, and wheels. In that post we tell you what you should take into account when buying a surfskate.

What model should I choose?

If you have any doubts about which Carver is best for you, call us or send us an email and we will gladly help you. Get your Triton starting at 19 euros a month in Single Quiver. Don´t miss our tutorial videos for surfskate maneuvers and our tips for its maintenance.

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