Surf comes to the Netflix billboards

Surf, a sport with humble origins and undeniable attractiveness for its fans as for those that haven´t stepped on a surfboard. Here we´ll talk about the 5 best surf movies in Netflix. The U.S. entertainment company increasingly incorporates more surf movies in their catalogue. Netflix caught the surf bug and the fans love it.

You can be a surfer or not, but you´ll enjoy these 5 surf movies in which will make you stick to the screen.

1. Given

We start the ranking of best Netflix movies with our favorite: given. In fact we´ve given this movie a special post here.

The movie tell the story of the Goodwin family. Aamion Goodwin, his wife Daize (ex bi-world champion in longboard) and their two children; Given (6 years old) and True (three month old) will embark in an adventure that will take them to 15 different countries in a year.

Narrated from the eyes of young Given, the family crosses the planet starting from their house in Kuaui to Australia, Iceland, Nepal and Peru. A movie with the objective to show us different ways of living and how each one of them is free to choose their way.

The director said “My hope for this film is that the viewer will be able to see the wisdom that comes from the eyes of a child and the guidance of a loved one.

A story that draws one attention so much that it has become a movie and that we´ve decided to include in our list of 5 essential surf movies.


2. Surfwise

This fascinating documentary that tells the story of Doc Paskowitz. An educated man from Stanford, with his young wife, avoided a conventional life to raise his nine children in a trailer home while he hunts for the best waves in the world.

Dorian Paskowitz decided to abandon his career as a doctor and give his life completely to his three passions: surf, sex and alternative lifestyle. The Paskowitz kids, who also participate in the documentary, tell how they grew far from the real world; “swimming with sharks wasn’t dangerous, but going to school was”. A documentary that poses the question: “Is it really crazy to form a family that is more preoccupied with physical health and spiritual realization, than by conventional ways to succeed?”

3. Under an Artic sky

Under an Artic Sky is another great movie that can´t be left out from our film library. The movie narrates the adventures of 6 surfers with the addition of the photographer Chris Bukard, they enter the natural reserve of Hornstrandir (Iceland) looking for unknown waves.

With three hours of light every day, brutal winter thunderstorms and below zero temperatures, Iceland is far from the ideal holiday for surf. Nevertheless, it´s precisely these brutal thunderstorms that brings the team to this adventure. After renting a boat and leaving Isafjordur in the middle of one of the strongest storms in the last 25 years, the expedition fails and the team has to go back to the coast. Despite the initial failure, the surfers don’t abandon their idea and once on land, they decide to continue with the expedition by road.

A story where the surfer risk their lives looking for the unknown.


4. Resurface

Resurface is a documentary, that has surf, the sea and waves that help military veterans combat their physical and mental truamas. Surf becomes for them a medical cure and a place to find interior peace.

A movie that corroborates the theory that surf benefits our health.


5. Surf´s up

We finish off our 5 best Netflix surf movie list with the animated film “Surf´s Up”. It tells the story of a penguin, Cody Maverick. Cody is a promising surfer that leaves his home in Antartida to participate in the Surf championship in memory of Big Z.

A surf movie for kids, that able to maintain the attention of adults to the end.


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