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Bali is the best surf destination in the world

Surftrip to Bali, known as the island of the gods, is a popular touristic destination for surfers. This is one of the places with the best waves in the world. Ulluwatu, Padang Padang, Keramas… are some of those places. If you want to know these spots with all the details don´t miss out our post on the best waves in the island.

After that you can read this article if you have any doubts whether Bali is a good surftrip destination. Any time of the year is a good moment to go, we encourage you to read 5 reasons why to travel to Indonesia.

Good weather, good waves, good food, good people and cheap. Can you ask for more? Without a doubt, a surftrip that should be in any surfers agenda and also lets you visit the neighboring Lombok. In Lombok you will find more tranquility than in Bali.