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Surf etiquette

Surf etiquette

Basic Surf Rules for Good Conduct

Like in all sports when you´re starting, if you want to become a surfer you need to learn the basic rules to this sport. Something that we call the 10 commandments to surf. 10 basic rules for surf etiquette that you should take into account while in the water, that way you will avoid accidents, lesions and miscommunications with the rest of the surfers.

In another post we talked about the 6 unwritten rules of the surfer code. Rules that are principally based on being safe and respecting one another. Today we´ll remind you what they were. Rules that surfers of all levels follow; beginner, intermediate or advanced level even if you´re in Australia, Cadiz or Mundaka, these rules apply to everyone everywhere.

1. The surfer closest to the peak has priority to catch the wave

If two surfers are trying to catch the same wave, the surfer that is closest to the peak has priority. In the case of the photo bellow, the surfer on the right has priority. The other surfer shouldn´t have done his take off.

2. Wait your turn

You´d be a nuisance to someone else that is also trying to enjoy the waves. Don´t do to others what you don’t want done to you.

3. Don´t do the snake

This technique known as snaking is a maneuver used to take advantage and skip the queue of preferences to surf one wave after another. Once can be forgivable but to do it a sin.

4. Don’t be an obstacle

Go back through the channel and not through the peak. Try not to interfere in the trajectory of the rest of the surfers. If you are going back after catching a wave, do it without getting in the way of other surfers.

Surf etiquette

5. Catch the waves with confidence

If you are going to catch a wave, go to it, paddle hard and get it. Don´t half ass it, paddling at half time or going back in the last second. This is one of our favorite tips for a good take off. If you´ve paddled and can´t catch it, wait your turn. Don’t try to go first for the next one. You´ve had your opportunity and you lsot it. Now you wait for your turn and let someone else catch his wave.

6. Don´t lose your board

Try to duck or spoon. If you have problems doing this maneuver don´t miss our 5 keys for ducking. A flying surfboard can do quite a bit of damage to someone if they´re hit in a critical place, like their head. Dropping your board is very dangerous!

Don´t lose your board

7. Talk to the rest of the surfers

If it´s the case that there are two surfers sitting in the middle of the peak and the wave breaks both ways, call your side (Right! Left!).

8. Don’t jump headfirst from your board

Either a reefy bottom or sandy bottom, when you´re finishing your wave or you feel you´re being closed in don’t go headfirst in the water. Try to use your board to protect yourself from the impact and protect your head with your hands.

9. Respect the beach and ocean

Never leave trash in the sand or water. After all, its everyones responsibility to maintain the beaches and sea clean. If you don´t do it who will?

10. Give respect to get respect

Interact with other surfers in a civilized manner, even if the minority are still learning good manners and surf etiquette.

Of course, there are unwritten rules. These are the 10 basic rules that all surfer should know to start well.

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