The surfing legend Vincent “Sunny” Garcia was found at home in Oregon in a critical condition and unconscious in his property. The 49 year old was rushed to hospital; it is rumored that it may be a suicide attempt.

Sunny Garcia hospitalizado

Sunny Garcias friends are deeply hurt. Some of them like Kelly Slater, are grateful for the support the surf community has given.

Sunny is been champion of the Hawaiian Triple Crown Champion six times and the 2000 ASP World Champion.


Despite his fame and popularity, it´s known that he had been suffering from depression. As he posted at the time “Depression is no joke”. Just like the death of Jean da Silva, it’s hard to correlate something which gives so much happiness and energy like surf could end this way.

Recently Sunny Garcia had been commenting that he had been having “bad days” and that it “Doesn’t get easier you just get stronger so as long as you keep fighting to be better life can be beautiful”

sunny garcia

When Sunny was sent to hospital it shocked the surfing world. Kelly Slater kept the world updated on this heartbreaking story.

sunny garcia kelly slater

“I love you, brother. I just can’t even fathom you not here. “ “We’ve got so much more living to do before we are done. There’s been hard times but there have been so many good ones, too. Just praying you wake up and we get more of you.”

Raised in Wai´anae in Hawaii, there he learned to become the surfing champion and love all that is nature. Debuting at 17 in the 1986 Gotcha Pro at Sandy Beach.

Our thoughts and prayers to Sunny Garcias friends and family.