The Champ

Stephanie Gilmore has won for the seventh time the WSL surf championship. She´s  been absolutely dominating surf on a global level in the last two decades and with this last title she´s surpassed Layne Beachley, the six time champion of the world. She´s become the only surfer in the history of surf to get this number of titles and recognition.


The Australian has not stopped surprising us. From her start to today she was able to win the WSL (World Surf League) in 7 occasions. In 2010 she was included in the Surf Hall of Fame, with 22 years of age, she´s the youngest to have gotten in. She counts 24 victories in the Elite World Tour.

She started surfing when she was 10, and that was enough to get in 2003 the junior title in New Wales. In 2010, at 22 she was awarded the Laureus World Sports Award, one of the most prestigious recognitions in the world of action sports. It was in 2011 and 2013 when she was awarded the ESPN ESPY prizes for best female athlete in action sports.

Stephanie Gilmore Surf Championship

All these recognitions have turned Gilmore into one of the most influential female surfers in the history of surf. In 2007, still a newbie, she won her first world title. A feat that made her become the first surfer on the male and female side to achieve it. After that first title she won 4 consecutive titles in her first stages as a surfer.

Stephanie, at 30 is a reference on how to face challenges and fighting for all the women in the world. Her training years happened in Coolangatta, one of the busiest and competitive places in the surf world. She also surfed waves in Snapper (Gold Coast, Australia) and thanks to her incredible paddling power and dynamite navigation; she refined her style to become efficient and elegant.

Before getting her last world title this year (2018), her previous title was won in 2014. From then on she stepped aside to explore her creativity and in 2017 she moved to Los Angeles.

There she got her fifth victory in the Roxy Pro. If you also share her passion of traveling and surfing, here you can get some advice on how to maintain your quiver as new as the first day you got it.

This last year she was about to lose the seventh title, but she won the Pro Maui.

Stephanie Gilmore

Life style and future projects

In those moments inbetween competitions, Stephanie dedicates herself to travelling all over the world exploring new waves, cities and beaches. She dedicates herself to photographing her adventures and her gypset lifestyle.

Her travels are very linked to the African continent, Gilmore collaborates with the Couer de Foret foundation for the creation of water wells in Senegal, and with World Vision in Kenya and Ethiopia in support of kids.

Stephanie is extremely dedicated towards initiatives that promote male health awareness. She´s proud to be an MO master supporting the Movember movement.

Surf style

Her surf style is aggressive and has been compared to that of Joel Parkinson, also and Australian. She´s is aggressive but also very precise and with a lot of technique which has inspired a lot of women.

Developing a lot of maneuvers that anyone can do with a lot of work and dedication. You can visit our article on main surf maneuvers.

Her style is considered one of the best in the world surf business by many of the male surfers.

Stephanie Gilmore Surf Championship

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In every championship that Stephanie participates or assists as an invited guest, shes is accompanied by her sponsors:

Stephanie Gilmore Sponsors

Futures plans

After almost 20 years of surfing career and many titles and recognitions on the world stage, Stephanie has become one of the best surfers in surf history; in both male and female categories. Nobody know what the future holds for Steph but we know that it´ll involve a board and a wave.

Here we leave you with her interview after the winning her seventh world championship.