Information and review of the Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit

As we´ve done with previous wetsuits, today we´ll put the 4/3 version of the Pyschotech wetsuit to the test. Also, apart from the general information that we´ll give you we´ll also give you our opinion after having tried this out during a long a hard winter. We will value aspects like elasticity, thickness, seams, zippers…

The brand

The O´Neill brand has been tightly linked to the origins of the neoprene wetsuit. In fact its history starts in 1952, when its recently deceased at 94 creator Jack O´Neill , escaped work at lunch time to surf in the beaches of San Francisco. His chronic sinusitis made his nose drip without non-stop when he left the water, and because of that he spoiled important plans that led him to be fired.

After that his professional career did a 180. Jack O´neill decided to open up the first surf shop in a garage in San Francisco. IN little time this surf shops turned into a place of reunion for surfers in the area. Apart from making surfboards, he sold accessories like paraffin wax and vests made from neoprene. Until winter came and the water temperatures lowered considerably. That was when O´Neill used his creativity and turned one of those vests into a protective layer against the cold. That way he gave start to the history of neoprene wetsuits.

Today O´Neill means talking about tradition and innovation.

Jack O´Neill wetsuits

General characteristics

The Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit from O´Neill is made for cold waters of in between 10ºC-14ºC. Its TechnoButter 2 technology stands out for its lightness and its warmth thanks to it hardly absorbing water. It’s covered in TechnoButter 2 Air panels on the chest and back, which avoids the body from getting cold from the wind and at the same time lets you use the energy from the suns rays to transform the heat.

In so far as in its durability and seal, this suit has a chest zipper with external liquid sealant (Single Fluid Weld). Lastly, we have to highlight its wrist and ankle seals, which avoid large quantities of water entering when falling.


I won´t deny it. O´Neill has always been one of my favorite brands. But as with all relations, mine with O´Neill has also suffered highs and lows. Around 4- 5 years ago, and based on the good results that the brand has given me since then, I bought a PsychoFreak. Which to my surprise, after three months after I got it the seal skin panels broke away. Despite the brand taking responsibility and giving me back my money, after that moment I started to question the durability and quality of the brand.

Saying this, you may be asking yourselves “Why is it that this year you decided to buy an O´Meill wetsuit?” The answer is simple. I wanted a 4/3 full suit with hood integrated.

Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit


Our Opinion is based on a wetsuit that I´ve used every day of winter. From January to May. The result: Excellent. Something that has given me back my confidence of this brand.

This is a very warm wetsuit (and that’s after having a Rip Curl Flash Boom, which is highlighted for its warmth). But apart from being warm, the O´Neill Psychotech in its 4/3 version is comfortable, elastic, and durable. Also it dries very fast. Something that is valued by those that do daily session in winter.

The wetsuit is super light. In fact when you get out of the water it doesn´t weigh a thing. A sensation that I´ve not experimented with the Rip Curl Flash boom or the Xcel Revolt 4/3, which has been the worse wetsuit I’ve had until now. You can read our review Xcel Revolt 4/3 here. Is it thanks to the TechnoButter 2?

Lastly we want to highlight the elasticity. The majority of brands boast having the most elastic wetsuits in the market. Sure, a lot of them are really elastic. But while looking for that elasticity they forget the importance of not losing the initial form of the wetsuit. A lot of the wetsuits that I´ve had have stretched from its starting form, gets bigger, looser and ends up with water in its interior. But this doesn’t happen with the O´Neill Psychotech.

“This is a really comfortable, warm and elastic wetsuit. It shows that O´Neill has their own R+D department.”

What aspects would I emphasize?

The exterior seal

Liquid neoprene rubber.Durable elastic and well-sealed without any objections.

Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit seal

The zipper

Not all brands have a metal slider in their zipper. Rather they mostly use plastic (which deteriorates faster). But the O´Neill Psychotech does have metal.

The teeth of the zipper are big and this facilitates sliding the slider when opening and closing our wetsuit.

Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit zipper

The kneepads

Nothing to highlight. Kneepads like any other wetsuit, comfortable and durable.

The wrists and ankles

Elastic ring that helps for a perfect fit on the wrists and the ankles. Even the biggest tumble won´t let water in. A positive point for this wetsuit since most wetsuits aren´t so well adjusted in this area.

Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit wristsPsychotech 4/3 wetsuit ankles

Interior lining

Firewall with a silky touch, it gives a warm sensation similar to flannel pajamas. Just the way we like it when it’s a cold winter.

Psychotech 4/3 wetsuit interior lining

Neck area

An aspect that we would really like to highlight about this wetsuit. It´s been a long time since I´ve found a wetsuit as comfortable as this one in the neck.

Psuchotech 4/3 wetsuit

Its price

The new O´Neill Psychotech 4/3 mm has a price of 349 euros. This is one of the highest range wetsuits in the brand. That’s why we don´t include this in the low-cost line. Available in Single Quiver.

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We conclude that we have tried a really comfortable, warm and elastic wetsuit. It shows that O´Neill has their own R+D department which lets them improve elasticity, comfort and waterproof aspects of the suit as they wish.

Thanks to Area 52, their development and innovation laboratories, each year they offer us the latest so that we feel comfortable in the water. In the ends, that’s what it´s all about. Being able to enjoy during more time our favorite sport.

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