5 tips for keeping safe your car keys while surfing

Just like most surfers, we don´t have the luck of having a surf house next  to the beach that lets us go from bed to surf, and like all mortals we have to travel in our cars to the waves. So finding ways to protect our car keys from the curiosity of bystanders is important. Next we´ll talk about ways of protecting your keys when you´re in the water. Something that will avoid lots of scares.

1.     Take them with you

Possibly the best option of protecting your car key while surfing. The majority of neoprene wetsuits have either interior or exterior cords to attach your keys. Another option is to tie it to a string around your neck and put it in your wetsuit. The only risk is that it could come off and end up lost in the water.

If you have an electronic key or have an aluminum copy read our next options.

protect you car keys while surfing

2.     Give it to a friend

Not always an available option, but it´s another very safe option.

3.     Hide it under a rock or towel

Never hide your key in the wheel, or under your car. Surfers are easy targets for most thieves. Taking into account that most sessions are about 2 hours long, we even give them time to take our things and disappear with total comfort. If you need to hide it somewhere, choose a place that is far from your car. Under a rock or in your towel in the beach as long as you have line of sight of it from the water.

4.     Buy a key lock

Sometimes it´s worth it to spend a bit to maintain your things safe. You can get a Key security Lock for 35 euros. This lock is one of the best in the market and the safest solution to keep your keys while you enjoy your activities. Also it´s really simple to use while being very resistant. All you need to do is put your keys in, put a code and lock it to your car.

security lock car keys while surfing

The safest solution to keep you car keys while surfing

The key lock from Surf Logic isn´t the only option for surfers. Other brands from the market like Ocean & Earth or Shapers also have their own key locks. The prices range from 33 euros from Shaper all the way to 89 euros for Ocean & Earths Heavy Duty Key.

I´m sure youre asking why is there such a price difference. It´s mainly due to the quality of the materials. The O&E locks come with sealed aluminum and extra reinforced. Something that will make it bomb proof. Shapers lock is cheaper but also does its function.

5.     Hide it in diapers

Yup, you´ve read right. We are recommending you put your car keys in a diaper. It can seem unpleasant, but we assure you that it works. This is the last place that someone will expect keys to be in. The only problem is someone brave may throw it in the rubbish bin.

What methods do you use to keep your keys safe while you surf?

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