New Flyer Surfskate from Carver Skateboards and All Merrick by Channel Islands

Today we´ll talk about one of our favorite surfskates. The New Flyer Surfskate from Carver Skateboards. The American brand is one of the most influential surfskate markers in the world. With its surfskates, Carver has known how to translate surfing on the water to surfing on the asphalt. The Flyer model was designed by Al Merick, in collaboration with the brand Channel Islands.

A skate with the Channel Islands seal

Channel Islands was founded in 1969 by the Merrick brothers (Al and Terry). Its shaper and founder, the mythical Al Merrick, has made boards for some of the best surfers in the world; Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds, Tom Curren and Taylor Knox are some of the surfers that have ridden his surfboards. Specialized in the making of surfboards, he collaborates with Carver Skateboards to design a skate, the New Flyer Surfskate.

New Flyer Surfskate


The New Flyer is equipped with 69mm and 78a Roundhouse Concave Oxblood.

  • Size: Width: 9 ¾” | Tail: 6 1/8” | Nose: 3 3/8” | WB: 16 ¾”
  • Axis: This skate has CX, C7 and C7 Raw axes available.
  • Board: Simple and smooth rounded lines that includes the logo of Al Merrick, Channel Islands and Carver.

Opinion of the New Flyer 30´75”

The New Flyer is a surfskate that’s not too long or too short. The board is 30´75” long, this makes it the perfect skate for those riders that use the shortboard on the water. It’s a board that lets you do radical closed turns, without losing stability or momentum. The Roundhouse Concave wheels are 69mm and 78a to guarantee grip and adherence of the skate.

These new Roundhouse Concaves are the latest wheels launched by Carver skateboards. The main difference from the predecessor Roundhouse Wheel Series, apart from having a concave wheel, is it gives your skate more grip. With its new concave surface Carver has lowered the total weight and this way augment the floor contact creating more traction while you maintain a consistent turning speed.

More information in our “The latest in Carver skate: Axis and Wheels” post

New Flyer Surfskate from Carver

foto @Carver Skateboards

For who is this surfskate?

This surfskate is made to pump easily and trace even the closest of turns. If you are thinking about buying a Carver to improve you surf technique, the New Flyer C7 is one of the best options under this brands line of skates. It doesn´t matter what your level of surf is, the C7 axes are ideal for all.

Pro Surfer Courtney Conlogue

Pro surfer Courtney Conlogue surfskating

Price and where to buy my Carver

The new Flyer has a market price starting from 309€ (New Flyer CX Graphite). The New Flyer C7 Raw costs 20€ more, while the New Flyer C7 Graphite is a total of 339€. It´s not like the low cost Triton range, but still is what we would call a cheap surfskate. Get your Carver for only 19€ a month in Single Quiver. More info and models in Single Quiver.

New Flyer surfskate c7 raw

Get your New Flyer

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