The Inflatable SUP is trending

The world of paddle boarding is growing faster than ever. There is no doubt that we are in a market that’s in boom. The paddle board has experimented an important increase in sales these last few years, and it´s more common to see people practicing this sport in our beaches, lakes and rivers. One of the reasons for this growth comes from the easy transport and storing of these types of boards since buying an inflatable paddle board is cheaper than getting a fiber board. Thats why we feel that it´s important to know how to take care of your inflatable paddle board.

The sport that’s getting popular

Apart from its price, its use is easy. A winning gift for any SUP lover. It’s comfortable to use, transport and store. The inflatable boards come with a backpack which makes it easy to travel with in your car, in the airplane or on your bike.

We already knew about the new possibilities of the new inflatable SUPs. Now we understand the current success. In Spain, for example, there are numerous routes for this sport; one of them being Mallorca. That’s why; we want to give you some tips to know how to maintain your inflatable paddle board on point. It doesn´t matter what your level is. The important thing is that it doesn´t wear down because of the use and the passage of time. So we want to increase its life expectancy.

Don´t forget that it´s sporting material. It´s delicate and prone to deterioration. We have to give importance to the care of our paddle board. If you still have doubts over which board to choose or which accessories will go well for you, check out our store!

how to take care of your inflatable paddle board

Paddle board maintenance

We´ll talk about some aspects to take into account for the good care for your paddle board. When we talk about good care we mean these situations:

  • Take into account that the board in inflatable and resistant, but you mustn´t drag it over rough or porous terrain, like sand, asphalt, etc… The best way to move your board is by picking it up until we´re in the water. Once it´s stretched and inflated, we pick it up and take it to the body of water so we can mount on it. This will avoid scratches and punctures. This type of damages will affect our performance.
  • A good way of maintaining your SUP is to not leave it under the sun. Leaving it exposed to the suns rays will heat the board which may cause it burst or break depending on the exposure time. Any plastic product will get damaged from the sun, and the same goes with inflatable paddle boards.
  • Just like exposure to the sun, it´s also not convenient to leave it in place where it will heat up; vans, closed cars or containers under the sun which will heat the interior.

Paddle board care

Tips for maintain your board on point

Once we´ve understood the general tips for maintain your material, you should follow them every time you use your board to conserve it the longest time possible.

Firstly, the SUP should be inflated to the manufacturers specifications for its optimal use.

Red Paddle Co board maintenance

How do I clean my Inflatable Paddle Board?

Something very important is cleanliness of the material. You have to sweeten the board.

  • What are we talking about when we say sweeten the board? Cleaning the board with freshwater to wash away the salt after practicing paddle board especially if you do it in the sea.

Not cleaning it will, with time, damage the board. We are conscious that we can forget about cleaning it after use. It´s convenient to clean it a minimum of once per week.

The fin plugs and inflation valve accumulate sand and salt. These are more sensitive areas of the board which require more exhaustive cleaning. Careful to not let water enter the valve which could create mold and can decay over time.

SUP inflation valve careInflatable paddle board fin plugs maintenance

How do I dry my SUP?

It´s time to dry our material; the best option would be to leave it in an open and ventilated place. Don´t store it until it’s well and dry. Maintaining the humidity in will let mold grow and leave marks. As we said at the start, it isn´t convenient to leave it under the sun to dry. It´ll dry faster but damage the plastic.

If you are going to store it for a long time because you can´t use it, clean it with a sponge and soap. You´ll clean the marks and the rest of the incrusted dirt in the pad area or the edges. That way, when you use it again it will be like the first day you took it out of the box.

What should you never do to your paddle board?

  • Store it during long periods of time without sweetening it.
  • Leave it under the sun
  • Store your board without drying.

Inflatable paddle board storingInflatable SUP red paddle co


Once dry and folded with the valve open to let all the remaining air, you can store it using the least amount of space possible.

If you have a lot of space to store in your house, and you´re not going to use the SUP in a long time we recommend to keep it without deflating it; half pressure (10 PSI). Leave it horizontally with the fin plugs facing upward so as to maintain its ideal form.

Inflatable Paddle board care

All of these are good advice to maintain your material for a long time in good conditions and get the maximum performance always. It’s a delicate material, but treating it well and taking a bit of care and it will last a long time. In the future when you upgrade you can sell it well second-hand.