How to choose the best Carver for you and your surfskate needs

Before we start, we should ask what is a Carver? If we talk about Carver Surfskates we´re talking about surfboards for the asphalt. We describe it like this because it´s really a special type of Surfskate, that is very much like surfing on a wave. These skates that Carver offers give the possibility to improve your positioning and technique out of the water.

At first glance it can look complicated to choose your Carver Surfskate, given the many lines of skates that exist in the market. But the decision is simple. You only need to take three aspects into account:

  • Size: You weight and height
  • Surf level and type of surfboard
  • Surf style and where will you use your Carver

Depending on your surf style or surfboard, you´ll want a certain surfskate. Don´t forget that this is a great tool to train out of the water and get better tactics.

Carver surfskate

Next we´ll give you this infographic where you can see the surfboard to surfskate equivalencies that correspond to Carver.

carver skateboard size chart

Some think that buying a Carver is a luxury that is not within any wallets reach. That’s because the prices oscillate between 260€ and 355€. So this American brand has launched the Low Cost surfskates under the Triton line. With this name, Triton, Carver Surfskates is looking to entice people that are on the fence on whether Carver is a good investment to improve your surf. If you want more information don’t miss our article “The new Triton Surfskate line from Carver”.


Which are the advantages that Carver gives?

  1. Carvers help improve your balance
  2. Helps you get in shape
  3. You´ll get better coordination
  4. Your style and maneuvers will drastically get better when surfing
  5. Finally, you´ll learn to recognize key moments when for each maneuver and the perfect wave

The young surfer, Paolo Giorgi, already has his training routine with his Carver Surfskate so what are you waiting for? Don´t miss our maneuver tutorials with surfskates and transmit your asphalt surf sessions to you surfboard.

See our surfskate Tutorials

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Which is the surfskate for me?

If you have any doubts between a Carver, a YOW, a SwellTech, a Miller, a Slide or a Smoothstar check out our post “How to choose your surfskate and the best surf skate brands. We hope that this posts help you understand a bit better about the differences between the different surfskate brands.

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