The best Twin Fins for your Board

Twin Fins are getting popular. They are a type of surfboard that are very attractive to surf summer waves and with the launch of the new performance twin fin, they have become one of the best boards for the most demanding days. If you are thinking about buying a Twin Fin, we recommend that you look into our selection of retro boards.

Once you have a Twin Fin, you have to choose adequate surf fins to get the maximum performance out of them. Next we´ll tell you which are the best surf fin models that you can choose for this type of board. For that end, we have a ranking from cheapest to most expensive.

History of Twin Fins

These types of boards were created in the 30s – 40s and have always been linked to the old-school. At the end of the 70s, Mark Richards, 4 time world champion, made it popular to surf with 2 fins. Since then, lots of surfers have joined the “TwinFin Addiction”. Like in the case of Rob Machado and Asher Pacey.

Mark Richards Kirra

Mark Richards Queensland Australia


Benefits of surfing with twin fin setup

This configuration gains speed, you´ll have tight maneuvers and your balance will improve. Four time world champion Mark Richards thinks that the performance with his Twinfin is the direct reason for his success in the competition. In fact, when asked why he likes to surf with two fins, he says: “The extra width of the base of the fin gives more floatability and the twin fin configuration has given me faster, looser and tactile performance, which really lets me attack the wave”.

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The fish boards with two fins have a significant advantage over boards with a thruster or single fin configuration. For more information we recommend that you read our article on the advantages.

The best fins for twin fin

FCS Fins for Twin Fins for 14 euros

Starting at 14 euros we can find plastic fins for twins. If you don´t count with a large budget, and simply want to try this two fin style to see if it´s for you, we recommend you get some plastic fins. Ideal for beginner surfers or intermediate that don´t want to spend too much.

Futures Fins for Twin Fins for 17 euros

Starting at 17 euros we have cheap Futures fins, ideal for beginner surfers or intermediate on a budget.

Fin buying guide for twin fins

The best Future Twin Fins

Captain Fins Twin Fins for 80 euros

In the range of 82 euros you can find different models and different brands. Shapers, Deflow, Futures, FCS or our favourite twinfin fin brand Captain Fins. This is the case of the twinfin fins designed by Chris Christenson. Known international shaper for designs such as the Pukas Pegasus o Christenson C Bucket, his Twin Special White Black model or the CXCX Captain Fins Keel Twinfins are the cheapest option.  The Christenson Keel HC is a honeycomb template that’s a touch more upright than a traditional keel

These are fins that not only offer fast and pivoting turns, but also allow you to enter tight turns with a lot of speed, and at the same time offer you maximum grip.

captain fins twinfin


Chris Christenson Twin Fins for 90 euros

The Christenson Twin Especial Fins is part of the Captain Fins Limited La Especial Collection. It is a multi-color solid fiberglass layup. Chris designed this fin to work well in your modern twin fin fish. It has an upright profile for pivot while still delivering the speed and skatie feel that you love in a twin fin.

chris christenson twinfin


Surf fins for Twin Fins for 92 euros

The 92 euro range has a few different models from different brands. Shapers, Deflow, Futures, FCS… Like the case of the Captain Fins Christenson Twins.  Surf fins that apart from offering tight and pivotal turns; also let you enter closed curves with a lot of speed. All the while giving you maximum grip.

future twin fins

Captain Fins Christenson Twins

Futures fins Twin fin setup

Another interesting option is the new Futures Alpha F4. A fin with a balanced design that performs in a variety of conditions. A twin fin fin that will give you more stability and better performance in the waves. More speed, easier to make turns.  Its price of 75 euros, makes them a cheap twin fin fin option endorsed by a great brand like Futures Fins.

Futures Fins Alpha F4

Futures Fins Alpha F4

The best fins for twin pin

CI TWIN PIN Futures fins

We could not miss in our ranking of best twin fins the new future fins designed for the most fashionable surfboard of the moment: the Al Merrick Twin Pin. These fins are specially designed to get the most out of the CI Twin Pin. They provide the perfect balance of ride, grip, maneuverability and fluidity. The Britt Merrick Twin Pin Fins, provide the perfect balance of ride, grip, maneuverability and fluidity.

twin pin fins

CI TWIN PIN Futures Fins


The best FCS 2 Twin Fins

Mark Richards FCS2 Twin Fin fins for 115 EUR

As we said at the beginning Mark Richards was one of the first surfers to surf with single fin, twin fin and retro boards. The Australian surfer has his own twin fin model in cooperation with the international brand FCS. This model comes with 2 fins plus stabilizer. Available in Single Quiver.

quillas mark richards

Mark Richards FCS  twin fin 2 +1

Mark Richards FCS2 Twin Fin fins for 79 EUR

The Mark Richards FCS Twin Fin are also available in Neo Glass. ery affordable yet considered a premium construction due to its high fiberglass content and active flex pattern, these fins will accommodate a wide range of surfers and surfing conditions.

best fins for twin fin surfboard



Twin Fin Rob Machado

Rob Machado, like Asher Pacey or Mick Fanning, also has his own model of fins. These are the FCS 2 Rob Machado Twin Fin PC fins. These fins offer the speed and turning freedom of a twinfin configuration, but with added control thanks to the oversized stabiliser.

quillas rob machado

FCS2 Rob Machado


The new Mick Fanning fcs 2 twin fin set comes with stabilizer and ar designed for the new Mick Fanning DHD Twin fin. For an excellent pivot, while the central stabilizing keel adds extra control.

mick fanning twin fin fins

Asher Pacey Twin Fins

For 98 euros you can buy fins that the freesurfer Asher Pacey used for his Mini Twin Fin. Without a doubt the best choice for us. Apart from its spectacular design and finish, these fins are designed to give you maximum propulsion, speed and grip in all curves while maintaining a lively and fluid journey.

Asher pacey fins

Asher Pacey Fins

The Asher Pacey fins from Shapers can be found with Futures or FCS systems. Also, this model comes with two sizes. The Asher Pacey 5.59” and the 5.79”. The difference between them is almost inappreciable to the eye. Its price is 98 euros the smaller size and 116 euros for the AP 5.79”. Both from the Australian brand Shapers and designed by the Australian freesurfer.


If you have a Mini Twin DHD, we recommend that you try this model of surf fins and leave us a comment on what sensations you´ve had.

Mini Simons fins

We can’t forget the twinfins with square tail like mini simons. These boards have special fins. They differ from the rest because of their square tail, almost flush with the fins, and the rounded tip. These boards are very fast and easy to move. Highly recommended for summer with small waves. The best choice of fins for mini simons that do not come with fixed fins are the Shapers Mini Simons fibreglass fins.

Quillas Mini Simons

Quillas Mini Simons Shapers


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