Are Twin Fins the best board for summer?

When summer comes and we´re all left asking “what board do I use?” We will say the Twin Fin. A bit ago we told you about the best surfboards for 2018. Well, today we want to talk about TwinFins. A board model that is very attractive for surfing summer waves.

General info on the Twin Fin

Created during the 30s – 40s, Twinfins are known as old-school. Its characteristics of a well-defined fishtail, you´ll draw circles like a compass.

Twin Fin

Twin Fin@Goldbeach Surfboards

Advantages of a TwinFin

  1. Extremely agile and maneuverable
  2. With twin fins you´ll gain speed
  3. Stability
  4. Floatability. The twin fin lets you catch waves as if it were a longboard, but with all the advantages of a shortboard
  5. A board that lets you squeeze the most out of any wave, even the crumbliest.
twin fin

twin fin @dhdsurfboards

Disadvantages of a TwinFin

  1. Lose adherence during turns
  2. In big waves this type of board loses stability
  3. Difficulty when ducking
Twin fin ono fish

Twin Fin Ono Fish @SingleQuiver

How to choose your Twin Fin

To help you choose your TwinFin, we´ve created a surfboard recommender. For that you only need to fill in the blanks and select what type of board you´re looking for: Shortboard or Twin Fin.


We think that everyone should have a twin fin in their quiver. That’s the same conclusion that Pro Surfer Asher Pacey has whose heart was stolen by a Twin Fin.

dhd asher pacey surf

In the next video we can see him surf his Mini Twin from the Australian brand DHD. A board that makes sparks in his Gold Coast sessions.

Opinion on the Twin Fin

In our surfboard section you can find our opinion on different twin fins that our test team has had the opportunity on getting their hands on. Like the Modern Twin Fin from Clayton or the Ono Fish from Single Quiver Surfboards.

Modern Twin Fin Clayton

Where to get your own Twin Fin

In Single Quiver we have a curated selection of Retro surfboards from the best brands in the industry. Clayton Surfbaords, DHD, Vampirate, Wild Shapes and even models shaped by the prestigious Ryan Lovelace. Get your own twinfin for summer for only 37 euros a month.

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