5 Beaches to start surfing in Basque Country

Baque Country with its more than 250 kms of coast is full of excellent beaches to practice surfing. Traditionally it´s one of the places in Spain with most surf culture. That’s because Basque Country is full of great spots to surf.

In our Surftrip Euskadi report we talk about the 10 most emblematic beaches to surf at. Today we want to talk to you about 5 beaches in the Basque coast where you could begin to surf. Noble and easy waves, with surf schools to rent material if needed and apt for all levels of skill.

1. Plentzia

We start this route with a small Biscay municipality. An urban beach situated at the river estuary. Near Gorliz beach, Plentzia has various surf schools. It’s the perfect place to start your journey into the wonderful world of surf. The only “but” that we can come up with is that you need a lot of the seas strength for it to work and in summer that doesn’t happen. The positive side is that since it´s so protected, it´s a great spot for beginners or even to try out your longboard.



2. Zarautz

Now we go to the Gipuzkoan coast to Zarautz. This touristic villa is situated in the center of the Giuzkoan coast with more than 2km and a half of beach, it´s considered the capital of the Basque surf. It is also home to a lot of important competitions, it´s an ideal spot for surfers that are just starting.


Full of sand and surf schools, it´s another must-go destination. With waves that break left and right, this summer it will have special surfing zones.

3. Bakio

Another Biscayan municipality. Cradle of big surfers and center for international events. The consistency waves during the whole year is one of the principal attributes to point out about this beach. It’s a beach that offers peaks both left and right. With three well differentiated zones, where we can find quality waves thanks to its sandy and rocky bottom. It´s ideal for surfers of all levels. The isle of San Juan de Gastelugatxe guards from a distance these popular places during the summer. Another excellent spot to initiate your journey into the surfing world this summer if you come to Basque Country.


4. Laga

Laga beach, far from the urban nucleus, is located in the municipality of Ibarrangelua. Right smack in the Biosphere Reserve, it’s a perfect enclave for beginners to start surfing. Maybe not the longest with its 574 meters of fine and golden sand but it´s really one of the most virgin and savage beaches in the Basque Coast.

Laga Beach surf Basque country

Photo: Joseba Luzuriaga

5. La Zurriola

We couldn´t leave Zurriola beach out of this list. One of the 3 beaches in San Sebastian city. Located in the city center, it offers quality wave that are consistent during the whole year. With a younger profile and appropriate to practice surfing, it´s also part of the jazz scene Jazzaldi and the bodyboarding competitions, skate and surf. Situated in front of Kursaal, it´s an appropriate beach to start surfing. Being in the city, it´s a very popular beach specially this summer.

Surf Zurriola Basque Country

Best time to surf in Basque Country

If we´re talking about when it´s the best time to visit Basque Country, as far as the waves are concerned, summer is hands down the best time to practice surf. The summer is the season where the waves have less consistency in all the year, but for those that are just starting it has the advantage of have both agreeable temperatures both in the water and out. Two factors that will be a great help for those first steps on the surfboard.

If we had to choose a month, we would take September. It’s a month where the temperatures are still enjoyable, and the water is not as cold yet, and there are less people in the beach while the days are still long.

What surfboard should i take on a surftrip to Basque Country?

If you are in just initiating or just in the neighborhood this summer, the most appropriate surfboard is a softboard, a minimalibu or a wide shortboard with lots of volume. Something like the Bull Ant surfboard from Agency, a board that we´ve already talked about here.

The waves this time of season are usually weaker wit hlittle force. A board of this type of characteristics weill help the paddling, getting on the board and catch the waves. It´s also a good time to get your first few wipeouts on a longboard. And for the still days, that also exist sometimes, an inflatable SUP is recommended. Easy to transport and a good alternative for those no wave days.

If you have any doubts just send us an email. We know these beaches well and are glad to help.

What wetsuit should i use?

The choice of which neoprene to use will depend on when you come. From January to February the water temperature will be around 12ºC. That’s why we recommend you used a wetsuit with 5mm thickness, like a 5/4/3 or a 4/3 with a hood, boots and gloves.

If you travel to Basque Country from March to April, the water temperature is more agreeable and will rise to 13ºC. Even so if you don’t want to feel the cold we recommend a wetsuit, 4/3 or even a 5/4 depending on the exterior temperature.

From May to June, the water temperature rises to 15ºC. This lets us leave the 4/3mm at home and get the 3/2mm. The best 3/2 we´ve tried is the O´Neill Hyperfreak Comp 3/2mm. A wetsuit that has captivated us after trying it out and which review you can read in our Neoprene Wetsuit section or clicking here.

From July to August, the water is warmer. Around 19ºC-21ºC. Here we recommend a 2/2mm like the O´Neill Hammer or even just in your trunks when its sunny.

Between September and October you can continue with the 2/2 or, if the chill give you the shivers, go to the 3/2mm.

Lastly, November and December is the time to get the 4/3mm out again.

If you have any doubts about which wetsuit you need, consult us or visit the wetsuit recommender.

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