Surftrip around Basque Country

Basque Country counts with more than 250 km of coast, full of beaches and world category waves. Considered one of the world powers of European surf, it’s an obligatory stop for a surf lover.

Mundaka, Zarautz, Punta Galea, Meñakoz… are just the tip of the iceberg for world class waves you can enjoy.

As local surfers, in this section we will tell you about the best waves, the best seasons for a surftrip, the best restaurants to eat at and even what surfboard to bring.

If you’re thinking about doing a surftrip around our coast, send us an email or use our chat system. We will gladly help you make your surftrip a unique one. Welcome to Single Quiver, your surf community.

Surf Zurriola Basque Country

Basque Country, one of the biggest surf powers in European Surf Basque Country counts with more than 250 km of coast. Full of sandy beaches and waves. A lot of them excellent for surf. Something that makes this place a great destination for a surftrip. Next we´ll tell you about the best beaches and the best waves to surf at.…

Surf Basque Country

5 Beaches to start surfing in Basque Country Baque Country with its more than 250 kms of coast is full of excellent beaches to practice surfing. Traditionally it´s one of the places in Spain with most surf culture. That’s because Basque Country is full of great spots to surf. In our Surftrip Euskadi report we talk about the 10…