All you need to know about paddle board

What types of paddle boards are there?

The paddle board, known also as Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP, consists in rowing upright on the surfboard with the help of one oar. There are various modalities of paddle board and this activity can be done in beaches, rivers, marshes  or lakes. Today it’s a sport that’s very much trending and the number of fans grows every year and we´ll tell you all you need to know about SUP.

Next we´ll talk about these different types modalities of Stand Up Paddle.

All round paddle board/ Family sports

All Round SUP with family

This modality is preferred by those people that want to have a good time with their family, friends or alone with nature. The stability of the boards and their length lets more than one person on the paddle board. Perfect for lakes, sea or marshes that are calm with not much in terms of waves.

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Paddle Yoga

The practice of Yoga over a SUP is a modality designed by the lovers of this sport. Do you know of a better place to meditate than over an Inflatable SUP in the middle of nature without any distractions from the city? Again, the dimensions of this type of board favors stability . That stability lets the person maintain balance with more ease.

Yoga Paddle board

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Paddle Windsurf

Windsurf Paddle Board

This is a discipline that unites both paddle boarding and windsurfing. You have the possibility of adding to your paddle board a sail which will give you more speed when there is wind. But at the same time you can keep enjoying your paddle board in those times when the winds are low.

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Paddle Touring

Touring Paddle Board

Touring in paddle board is for people that want to be more serious in their paddle boarding. That is, practice it as a hobby. We´re talking about longer tours and more speeds. That’s why these boards are designed to break the waves better.

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Paddle Race

Without a doubt, Paddle Race is the most professional of modalities under the paddle board disciplines. The board is especially designed for competitions. They give more speed and have more balance, which gives it more maneuverability. These types of SUPs are thought for those people that are addicted to paddle boarding and love to compete.

Race Paddle Board

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Paddle Surf

Surf paddle Board

So we finish with the favorite Stand Up Paddleboard type of surf lovers. It lets you catch waves with the help of the oar which also lets you turn with more ease. The oar also gives you the impulse to the wave you need until the wave pushes you by itself. But also when the wave is too much and you can´t reach it, the oar will give you that little bit more to get there.

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Paddle boards SUP

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