Surf addiction

The problems to getting surf addiction

It can seem contradictory but yes, surf can ruin your life. From the moment that you start this sport, the only thing in your head will be surf. Because surf addiction is serious, because it´s not like any other sport, because you depend on nature, because you disconnect, because it´s relaxing, because it generates a feeling that can´t be explained… in short, because it grabs you and doesn´t let go. Here are 5 reasons to start:

1.     You´ll never visit Paris

All the holiday destinations without waves will be cut out from your list of priorities. It would be strange to plan vacations to Paris or any other interior destination. Vacations start to become synonymous to paradise destination, with warm water and waves that never end. You will check beforehand the calendar for the seasons for each destination because it will be another factor to take into account, never Fiji in December or January. Hawaii in June? Don´t think about it, there no waves man.

2.     No job pays enough money if you are far from the sea.

You´ll start to prioritize the free time you have to escape and surf more than money. In your work plans and despite how much they offer you, you´ll never move to a European city in the interior. Free time, flexible hours and proximity to the beach will be key factor you value.

surf addicition

3.     You will miss lots of parties

If the forecast call for good waves Sunday morning, there will be no birthday or festivity that will stop you from going early to bed so you can be the first one up the next day and go to the beach. Waking up hung over isn´t in your plans. You will say no to lots of Saturdays and be an early bird Sundays, something your friends will never understand.

Surf addiciton

4.     You will now live in Central Surfing Time

Your schedule won´t be like other non-surfers. Lunch will be decided by the tide point, something your parents won´t understand. You´ll eat at 17:00 and if the sea conditions are right, you´ll get right on time for desserts at baptisms, communions and birthdays. You´ll turn into the black sheep of the family.

Surf addiction

5.     It will become harder to find a partner

This doesn’t mean that surfers don´t get married, but only with certain types of people with surfer tendencies. That makes it harder to find a partner that will understand your addiction for this sport. A person that is capable of eating at off hours depending on the tide, and will be the last one to leave the beaches if the waves are good; rain, sleet or snow, and that is prepared to never know Paris.

Also your great admiration for surfboards. The moment you start surfing and catch the surf bug from all the salt, you will measure everything by surfboards. When someone says: “I´ve bought a 1000€ Iphone”. Your brain will automatically calculate it in boards. “With that I can get two epoxy boards or 3 Mick Fannings”.

 Surf addiction

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