Grip O&E Line Up 3 piece


The Grip O&E Line Up 3 piece is a tail pad for a three pieces.

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The Grip O&E Line Up 3 piece is a tail pad for a three pieces. Length: 300mm. Width: 300mm. Pieces: 3. Arch: 7mm. Kick: 25mm. Groove: Square.

Ocean & Earth

Ocean & Earth was founded by Brian Cregan and Graham Williams's, but was later established by Brian Cregan and partners in 1978 producing a couple of basic surfing products and a staff of three. Ocean & Earth slowly grew by establishing a network of retailers throughout NSW & Southern Qld (Australia). Staff knowledge of surfing helped with product development but many other areas of business were developed via trial and error.

By the mid to late eighties the Ocean & Earth product range had grown significantly to encompass a broad range of surfing accessories, backpacks and a small range of clothing which still is the backbone of the company today. 2010 saw the introduction of the "World's Strongest Leash" - a fully moulded surf leash as opposed to three piece heat welded surf leash.

Data sheet

Name Line Up 3 piece
Season 2018
Number of Tailpads Item 3
Kick Tail Thickness 25mm
Arch Bar Thickness 7mm
Delivery Time 24-48 hours