Softboard MF Little Marley FCSII


Mick Fannings Little Marley FCSII Softboard is the definitive board to take your surfing to the next level. This product ships with FCSII Performer Softflex Thruster Set

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The Little Marley FCSII model is a short softboard; wide, fast and fun. The Little Marley has a short rail line that fits perfectly into the smallest waves. The small curvy outline lets you get the maximum out of those soft waves, giving you the extra velocity and let you have the time of your life. This small rocket is fun for every type of surfer. The Little Marley model has a single to double concave that lets you totally control the velocity. Its subtle diamond shape gives it more pivot points to make more manoeuvres and spins in your favorite beach spots!

The interior of the board: EPS Foam

The interior of the Mick Fanning board consists of a nucleus with an EPS shaped foam by a CNC machine. This makes these board shapes really lightweight that have a flexperformance and durability that make it ideal. In fact, the softs from the Australian follow the same manufacturing process as the majority of epoxy boards from the big brands.

The upper part of the board: Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber is inserted on the top part of the EPS nucleus, which stores the energy generated during the bottom turn and free it progressively.

Lower part of the board: HDPE foam

The bottom part has a layer of 6oz fiberglass and a layer of 4mm HDPE foam.

For which type of surfers do we recommend these boards?

The surfers that look for the shapes by Mick Fanning aren´t just beginners. These boards can be a delight this summer for advanced surfers also that are looking to try out their first critical maneuvers.

Mick Fanning is the best board for this summer

It´s obvious that the three time world champion of surf is thinking about the future. After he announced his retirement from world competitions, Mick Fanning traveled, but also landed into de softboard market with 3 models.

The Little Marley FCSII by Mick Fanning model is a short softboard, wide, fast and very fun. It has a short rail that perfectly adapts to the smallest waves and its soft curvature helps get the maximum out of these soft waves at the beach. As a result, this board gives you this extra velocity so that you have the time of your life this summer.

We consider the Little Marley a small rocket. A fun board adapted to all types of surfers.

The new line of surfboards from 3-time world champion Mick Fanning is called MF Softboards. A collection for all types of surfers

Mick Fanning Softboards

Learning to surf is one of the most fun times in surfing as Mick Fanning says, but can also be dangerous if you get hit by your board or someone else gets hit. So Mick decided to make a board that was both safe and sick with the best performance.

Each Model and Size in the MF Softboards Range is Designed To Mick's Specifications Using Advanced CAD Software. The EPS Core is CNC Milled Producing a Softboard With Unmatched Performance.

The Carbon Fibre is recessed into the deck of the EPS Core resulting in storage of potential energy during bottom turns with a progressive release resulting in a smooth transition during top turns Resulting in a Softboard that offers Speed, Power and Flow

Data sheet

Name Little Marley
Brand Mick Fanning Softboards
Season 2018
Fins Configuration Tri Fin
Type of Tail Square
Type of product Softboard
Fin System FCS II
Delivery Time 24- 48 hours
Material Tablas Surf Epoxy + Goma EVA


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