The Smile Goldbeach


The SMILE model of Goldbeach is the perfect board for those sessions of strong, hollow waves.

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450,00 €

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SMILE is our proposal for the strongest and hollowest waves. Low edge, lots of rocker, very marked concave, all this to provide maximum grip with maximum maneuverability. No doubt a board that got your best smile those epic days.

Available sizes:

  • 5'9"" 18 1/4"" 2 1/4"" x 23.3(L)
  • 5'10"" 18 1/4"" 2 1/4"" x 23.7(L)
  • 6'0"" 18 1/2"" 2 3/8 x 26(L) 6'1"" 18 3/4"" 2 3/8"" x 26.8(L) 6'2"" 19"" 2 7/16"" x 28(L) 6'3"" 19 1/8"" 2 7/16"" x 28.6(L) 6'4"" 19 1/4"" 2 1/2"" x 29.6(L)


Goldbeach Surfboard with more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture of surfboards.

GoldBeach Surfboards

With more than 15 years of existence, GoldBeach assures their customers they have the experience to make boards of all shapes and sizes. They have lived through the evolution of surf gaining the necessary knowledge to bring the best quality.

GoldBeach has always looked for the newest technologies and materials helping them shape boards to get the best resistance, fluidity and floatability. Each board having gone through an experienced shaper so that every inch meets you standards.

Data sheet

Name The Smile
Brand Goldbeach
Season 2018
Construction Xtra foam
Fins Configuration 3
Type of Tail Varias
Type of product Shortboard
Material PU
Delivery Time 3 weeks