Surfboard Face Dancer FCSII 50/50 Simon SB


High performance small wave quad option all rounder for waves 1 to 5 feet.

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High performance small wave quad option all rounder for waves 1 to 5 feet. Medium nose and tail rocker with deep single concave to a slight vee right on the tail to assist quad rail to rail control. Low soft Simon rail to help hold and facilitate deeper carves through turns on the wave face. “Increased width and nose area enables you to surf FD a little shorter as per World Tour trends. Works best all round as a thruster but has the ability to be looser and faster as a quad in weaker waves.” “Your normal favorite thruster set will be good. For clean point or reef waves – flat inside foil side thruster fin set and double sided foil back quad fins. For general beach breaks conditions – concave inside foil side thruster fin set with 70 30 foil back quad fins.” FCSII: 5 Fin Boxes Glassing: Deck 4 oz + 160 Biax + 2 x30mm UD Carbon Tape+ White Vector net Inegra Tail Patch Bottom: 4 oz + 2 x30mm UD Carbon Tape + 4 oz Fin Patches Foam Core: High Desity 36 gram EPS Resin: UV Optical Highlight Epoxy Future Leash Plug Black Clear

Simon Anderson, the inventor of the

Simon Anderson Surfboards

Simon Anderson, creator of the tri fin "Thruster", is behind Simon Anderson Surfboards. Surfer, inventor, writer and shaper; Simon Anderson presents to you the old style all rounder Face Dancer surfboard.

Data sheet

Name Face Dancer
Brand Simon Anderson
Season 2018
Fins Configuration 5
Type of Tail Round
Type of product Shortboard
Material EPS
Wave Size From 0.5 metres
Length 6'0
Litres 29
Surf Level Advanced
Fin System FCS II
Delivery Time 24- 48 hours