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Summer Surfboards


Summer surfboards are made with the type of waves that we surf in this time of the year in mind. Weaker waves, that are smaller and have less power. We have to adapt to the summer conditions if we want to keep enjoying surfing. To help us with that, Single Quiver has a curated selection of summer surfboards. Wider boards with more volume that will help you row and catch more waves.

If you have doubts about which model can best suit your goals and style, call us or send us an email and we will advise you for free.

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€690.08 (tax incl.)
The CI Mid is a modern classic design resulting from a fun collaboration with Devon Howard, a southern California surfer that has spent the past two decades riding and refining this genre. Check with us for Al Merrick...
€648.76 (tax incl.)
The Pyzel Red Tiger XL version is exactly the same as the original, but designed for the larger and heavier surfers, or for beginner surfers looking to improve their surfing level by reducing the size of their...
€577.69 (tax incl.)
The Chilli Surfboards BV2 builds on the success of the Black Vulture. A surfing surfboard focused on speed and performance. An ideal surfing surfboard for summer waves.
€673.55 (tax incl.)
Inspired by the clean, longer-railed lines drawn by traditional eggs and single-fins, the CI Mid infuses that vibe with the crispness, sensitivity, and freedom made possible by modern features synonymous with Merrick...
€628.10 (tax incl.)
The RNF-’96 is based with reverence, but not 100% compliance, to original “fish” we developed for Chris and Cory in the year leading up to the 1997. Please contact us for delivery times of CUSTOM SURFBOARDS. When...
€613.22 (tax incl.)
Chilli Mid Strength is a performance mid-length surfboard that should be a consideration for anyone who can competently stand and navigate along a wave. Check with us for Chilli Surfboard surfboards in stock for 24-48...
€362.81 (tax incl.)
New Lee Ann Curren softboard in collaboration with Up Surfboards. This Lee Ann Curren soft top is the final result of many tests that the brand Up Surfboards has done, always with the idea of getting the most...
€632.23 (tax incl.)
If you love the feel of your Ghost and Phantom, but want a shorter, chunkier board for smaller surf the Gremlin is gonna make you very happy! Please contact us for delivery times of CUSTOM SURFBOARDS.
€648.76 (tax incl.)
The Astro Pop is designed to give you some extra spark and easy paddle in weaker, slower waves, while still keeping a performance edge and super fun to ride in good surf. Please contact us for delivery times of CUSTOM...
€673.55 (tax incl.)
The CI M23 is not to be confused with the CI Mid, as the Al Merrick M23 has more volume, a fuller rail and a sleeker nose contour.  Great paddling power but short board behaviour in the water. This is one of Al...
€648.76 (tax incl.)
It is a model created by JJF based on the Gremlin but a little more High Performance although it is still classified as Funformance. It looks like a fun surfboard for summer and a medium / high level surfer. The...
€756.20 (tax incl.)
The new surfboard from Channel Islands is called Al Merrick G-Skate. Now also available with SPINETEK EPS Epoxy technology. A surfboard which is designed to inspire you with the characteristic energy of the Gudauskas...
€628.10 (tax incl.)
The HYDRA is the ultimate minuscule wave monster, melding more than 25 years of developing small wave fish and mini wave hybrids. Contact us for in-stock measurements and 24-hour delivery of Lost Hydra When ordering...
Limited time offer
€379.34 (tax incl.) €446.28
The Indian Endurance The Egg is ideal for surfers who are starting to get their first green waves. Its minimalist board shape gives you extra paddling power to get the most out of your surfing PRE-ORDER: DELIVERY MAY...
€657.02 (tax incl.)
The Rocket Wide has been one of the most versatile and popular boards and this new version adds a new twist to its qualities. The sawallow tail makes it a very lively board and gives a feeling of freedom in low...


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