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Pukas 69er Step Down INNCA

The Pukas 69er Step Down INNCA enhances the benefits of the Pukas Original Sixtyniner in smaller conditions.

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€679.00 (tax incl.)
Availability date: 2021-05-12
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The Pukas Original Sixtyniner is one of Pukas’ best-ever selling surfboards. Why? Its versatility. It’s a great looking board that performs in all kinds of conditions. It has been recommended from surfers to surfers, plus it had Kepa Acero as its biggest and well known ambassador.

The Pukas Original Sixtyniner has traveled the world and has been (and still is) a keeper at Kepa’s board bags. But it’s the surfers that don’t surf hollower waves that demanded to enhance the benefits of the Pukas Original Sixtyniner in the smaller conditions. We found out that the narrow tail had to be redesigned. The Pukas Original Sixtyniner Step Down has been successfully tested now. It is a shorter and fuller version of the O. 69er with a slightly fattened tail. Simple as that.

PUKAS INNCA Technology

Innegra fiber complements other composite fibers that lend themselves to a variety of applications in multiple markets. Automobiles, luggage, protection products, ballistics and the aerospace industry, to name a few, can all benefit from the resilient, lightweight, energy-absorbing and hydrophobic properties of this fiber.

The Innegra material is used in many different sports and marine applications. Innegra fiber can improve impact resistance and damage tolerance while reducing weight and vibration.

Pukas carbon fiber has several advantages including high rigidity, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance that allows thermal expansion. These properties have made carbon fiber very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, motor sports and water sports. It is a more expensive material than similar fibers such as fiberglass or plastic fibers.

Benefits of PUKAS INNCA technology

Pukas Surf's INNCA technology makes the board lighter, more durable, more resistant to impact, much better vibration damping.

For what type of surfers do we recommend the PUKAS 69er?

For all types of surfers. From beginners to advanced surfers looking for a board with which to travel anywhere in the world, Pukas Sixtyniner is the favorite board of the Basque surfer Kepa Acero for his adventures.

Differences Pukas 69er Step Down vs Pukas Original 69er

It was the surfers themselves who do not usually surf on hollow waves who asked the brand to improve the benefits of the Original Pukas Sixtyniner for small conditions. In this way Pukas redesigned the tail of this board making it narrower.

The Pukas Sixtyniner Step Down is a shorter and wider version than the Original. 69er with a slightly flatter tail. It's that simple.


Largo Ancho Espesor Litros Construction
5’6” 19.75 2.38 28.71 PU / INN·CA
5’8” 20.25 2.5 31.67 PU / INN·CA
5’10” 20.75 2.63 34.89 PU / INN·CA
6’0” 21.25 2.75 38.13 PU / INN·CA
6’2” 21.5 2.88 41.49 PU / INN·CA

Contact us for delivery times 24-48 hours of PUKAS boards in stock.

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Pukas 69er Step Down Tri Fin by Axel Lorentz
Pukas Surfboards
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24-48 hours
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