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Plan B by Axel Lorentz

We were all begging for a Twin fin that could perform at Pukas. So when Pukas approached Axel Lorentz for this matter and after listening to the need of the surfers who requested it, they came back with a different approach to the ordinary twin-fin.

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Availability date: 2020-06-08

We love high-performance, so we thought that the board should stand in between the twin-fin and the thruster, bringing the best of both worlds with high-performance in mind. Not nostalgic, not retro. We took the word “between”, shook the salt on the popcorn, renamed it to “In-B-Twin”, and ended up baptizing the creation as “Plan B”.

First of all, shaper Axel Lorentz toyed with fin placements and brought them further down. That requires a bigger fin and we are offering it in three different options:

• Glassed on only for Tri Fin

• FCS II plugs: Mark Richards twin fin set up (MR2) is the best pick.

• Futures: the AMT set up would be the best for Future Systems.

The twin fin configuration produces a faster, looser and more responsive performance, but Axel wanted to add the possibility of an extra fin in the middle. That extra small keel will add a little more maneuverability, drive and control with more demanding conditions.

We wanted the board to feel performance by its look too, so we didn’t shorten it much (order it two to three inches shorter). It’s meant to be ridden at average beach breaks so this high performance twin is winged, has a round pin, improves performance by its key fin placement, his bottom contours are refined and combines it all with a narrower tail for a greater control.

These aspects, all well mixed up with the recipe of Axel Lorentz, will give you lots of speed, a maneuverability that could take you as vertical as your skill permits, reduces the slide when turning with aggressiveness and will definitely spice up your quiver.

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Plan B by Axel Lorentz
Skate Carver Triton Green Glass
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