Model KIAORA Single Quiver


This model is the real all-rounder in our quiver. It allows you to surf from waves of half a meter to waves above your head, always taking advantage of the minimum inertia of the wave thanks to its volume both in the tip and tail.

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Model KIAORA Single Quiver

Model KIAORA Single Quiver. It is a board designed originally for days with low swell conditions because thanks to its volume in the tip and tail it provides great stability, paddling and speed when surfing low power waves. The slightly shifted centre of gravity at the front and the soft rocker at the tip and tail also increase these qualities and make it easier to take off. Thanks to the stylish design of the outline, it also makes it a completely all-terrain surfboard, running from a quarter meter to overhead sessions. It allows you to surf waves of half a meter giving you the feeling of surfing waves that are a meter tall because it takes advantage of the minimum inertia of the wave. Its balanced volume allows you to choose your board two or three inches less than your conventional shortboard.

Single Quiver Surfboards, distributor and manufacturer of Surfboards. Customize your surfboard according to the model that best suits your needs. Free shipping.

Single Quiver Surfboards

Single Quiver Surfboards, distributor and maker of surfboards. Learning to surf? We help you buy your first surfboard. Also we have the Fin Finder and neoprene wetsuits. Customize your board to suit your needs.

Data sheet

Brand Single Quiver
Season 2018
Fins Configuration 3
Type of product Shortboard
Material PU
Delivery Time 3- 4 weeks