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Al Merrick Fish Beard

The FishBeard from Channel Islands Surfboards is pure business in the front and all party in the back.

Check with us for Al Merrick surfboards in stock for 24-48 hour shipping.

When ordering your custom board make sure you double check the delivery time with us (info@singlequiver.com). The time may vary depending on your definite chosen style. 

Please contact us for more information.

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€657.02 (tax incl.)
Board Sizes
Carbon support
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The Fish Beard

 Get forward on this user-friendly board and drive from the center and you’ll have all the speed and flow you always desired. Step back on the tail to engage the fins and rails, which provides you hold, pivot, projection and the freedom to rip as hard as ever. To keep the party going, we dug into the archives and found some vintage mid-80’s, fluorescent logos and recreated CI’s iconic layup from that era.

For what type of surfers do we recommend Al Merrick's Happy?

Recommended for intermediate to pro surfers.

On what size waves does Happy Channel Islands work well?

Wave sizes from a meter and a half to 3.5 meters.

What fins do we recommend for Happy Al Merrick?

For maximum performance, we highly recommend pairing the board with Futures  Keel 2 de Futures or the Futures Fins Channels Islands Keel. A set of fins designed specifically for this board.  Although inspired by classic keel outlines, the all-new AMK template boasts a modern rake shape, graduated tip flex and flat inside foils finely tuned for fast, high-performance surfing. This keel-fin design is built to rip but also ideal for those that just want to groove.

Quillas Fishbeard AL Merrik

Available Sizes Fish Beard

Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4 18 5/8 2 3/16 23.7L
5’5 18 7/8 2 1/4 25.1L
5’6 19 2 5/16 26.4L
5’7 19 1/8 2 3/8 27.7L
5’8 19 3/8 2 7/16 29.2L
5’9 19 5/8 2 1/2 30.7L
5’10 19 7/8 2 9/16 32.4L
5’11 20 2 5/8 33.8L
6’0 20 1/8 2 11/16 35.2L
6’2 20 3/8 2 3/4 37.5L
6’4 20 3/4 2 7/8 41.0L
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