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Surfboard DHD Mini Twin Green Resin Tint


The DHD Mini Twin Blue Resin Tint is the retro fish twin fin surfboard used by Asher Pacey. Created during the 30s – 40s, Twinfins are known as old-school. Its characteristics of a well-defined fishtail, you´ll draw circles like a compass.

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The DHD Mini Twin Blue Resin Tint is the retro fish twin fin surfboard used by Asher Pacey. A design with a little nostalgia and a touch of modernity makes it the perfect board for surfing waves from 0.5m to 1.5m (1 to 4ft).

Advantages of a TwinFin

  1. Extremely agile and maneuverable
  2. With twin fins you´ll gain speed
  3. Stability
  4. Floatability. The twin fin lets you catch waves as if it were a longboard, but with all the advantages of a shortboard
  5. A board that lets you squeeze the most out of any wave, even the crumbliest.
Name Mini Twin Green Resin
Brand DHD
Season 2018
Type of Tail Swallow
Type of product Retro
Fin System Future
Delivery Time 24- 48 hours
Material Tablas Surf PU
DHD Surfboards

The famous Australian brand DHD Surfboards from the Australian shaper Darren Handley comes to Single Quiver. And it does so with its new summer Twin Fins collection. Darren Handley, has announced the launch of a new technology in his surfboards that combine the best aspects of the two most used materials today: fiberglass and traditional epoxy.


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