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  • Agency Surfboards

    The Australian brand Agency Surfboards comes to Single Quiver with the model Bull Ant. The Bull Ant is one of our favorite surfboards. You can read the complete review of this surfboard in our blog.

    With a small dedicated team and over 35 years of experience in the surf hardware industry, Agency Surfboard has successfully created premium quality surfboard supply, giving their customers a competitive edge and bringing quality OEM surfboard manufacturing solutions to a wider retail market.

    Problems that have usually plagued the surfboard supply sucha as quality, margin and damage in transit have been removed combining the traditional supply chain techniques with modern innovation.

  • Agote Surfboards

    Born in Orio, a small fishing town in the coast of Guipuzkoa. Since he was small, his father would take him out to sea in his  fishing boat to learn how to swim. He remembers his beginnings in surf with special care: “I started to surf when I was ten years old, and I remember perfectly that my first wave stayed with me my whole life” – Mikel Agote

  • Al Merrick

    Channel Islands Surfboards is the Brand which Al Merrick has been using to launch all the wonderful boards. The mythical shaper Al Merrick has been making surfboards for the best surfers in the world. If you´re looking for a board that offers good vibes, Al Merrick guarantees success.

    Channel Islands Surfboard was created by Al and Terry Merrick in 1969. From the start, Channel Islands has dedicated itself to the creation of high performance surfboards, with a priority its high quality through hard work, innovation and originality. In the last 43 years, Channel Island Surfboards has gone from a small workshop to becoming a vanguard in the industry that serves the best surfers in the world. From Tom Curren, to Dane Reynolds, Channel Islands boards keep evolving with the highest levels of surf.

  • Album Surfboards

    Album Surfboards is an American brand of handmade surfboards that counts with the collaboration of international surfers such as Josh Kerr, Asher Pacey, Jesse Guglielmana among others.

  • Aloha Surfboards

    Aloha Surfboards was founded in 1978 in Australia's surf industry hotspot of Sydney's Northern Beaches. Over time Aloha steadily rose above the fierce competition to become one of worlds premier surfboard brands.

    Aloha Surfboards is a respected surf brand specializing in a wide range of surfboards. Its collection includes everything from longboards to shortboards and twins. The Aloha brand has been on the surf scene for a long time and has sponsored some of the best surfers in the world. Among his boards we can find some of the most recognized surfboards in the world today.

  • Alone Surfboards

    Alone Surfboards is a surf brand that manufactures epoxy surfboards. Giving the best performance in the water thanks to their Carbon Flex and Fusion Flex technologies.

  • AMAYA Sport

    AMAYA Sport is a brand that has been manufacturing sports equipment and accessories for gyms, equipment for schools and nurseries, traditional games and skateboarding products for over 5 decades.

    All its products are subjected to rigorous quality controls, both in the analysis of raw materials and in the production, handling and packaging processes. Amaya Sport complies with the European Standards in force, which contemplate safety in terms of mechanical and physical properties, flammability and toxicity.

    They are in continuous communication with a large group of expert professional advisors from the world of SPORT, EDUCATION and PSYCHOMOTRICITY. Thanks to this communicative work and their continuous research, year after year they offer innovative products that set trends in the sector.

  • Aquatone

    Aquatone is a brand of inflatable paddle surf perfect to get started and start enjoying this sport with the whole family. 

  • Arima

    Arima surfboards. Single Fin, Twin Fin, Longboards... The Masters of Style, surfing in a fluid and visually appealing way. Surfboards with classic and attractive designs made with quality materials.  In our online surfboards shop, you can find all Arima Surfboards models. Check with us for 24 hour delivery times. The largest stock of surfboards online on the net. 

  • Axis Foils

    We are as passionate about the quality and performance of our products as we are about the elements we ride in. Experience the difference.

  • BARK Boards

    Joe Bark does not tire easily. The Palos Verdes shaper / freediver / spearfisher / father / surfer / paddler / boardbuilder / husband  is a study in fusing work and life and passion into one all-day marathon of doing what you love. And what Joe Bark loves is the ocean. Everything flows from there. 

    For Joe, it's not work, it's a life. He's up at four (that's a.m., to the rest of us), heading to his shop in Los Angeles, crafting some of the finest paddleboards, the most versatile surfboards, and the most cutting edge, stand-up paddleboards on the planet. And then he's on the water all day, doing what he loves.

  • BIC Sport

    BIC Sport is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of watersports products since 1979. Based on the Brittany Coast of France and founded by the Bich family (of BIC pen fame), BIC Sport grew from a passion for human powered watersports partnered with world renowned technical expertise in manufacturing.

    The focus on sustainability, together with building quality, durable and affordable products has helped hundreds of thousands of people get on the water and lead healthy, active lifestyles. BIC Sport is constantly innovating and developing products for the SUP, surf, windsurfing, kayak and sailing markets. 

    Every BIC board is created by an expert shaper and manufactured using sustainable production techniques which faithfully and exactly reproduce the original design. The materials and process used ensure many seasons of durability and a high level of performance.

  • Billabong

    The Australian brand Billabong was born on Australia's Gold Coast in 1973. Founded by surfer and shaper Gordon Merchant and his partner Rena, Billabong began making swimsuits at home and selling them in local shops. Today it is one of the world's largest surfing brands. Leader in neoprene suits Billabong stands out for the quality of its accessories.

  • Bradley Surfboards

    Behind Bradley Surfboards you´ll find the extraordinary Australian shaper Christiaan Bradley. Today Bradley works in the Euroglass factory in Hossegor. He´s been the official shaper for Channel Island/Al Merrick and has made his brand a world reference in the board designing sector. The boards from Bradley have been used by the best like Kelly Slater.

  • Brunotti

    Brunotti was founded from pure passion for boardsports. We have been enjoying the waves, mountains and elements of nature for more than 3 decades. To us, boardsports is not just a sport. It's a way of life.

    In 1979 the 23-year-old Italian Claudio Brunotti travelled to the Netherlands and settled in Scheveningen, a village on the Dutch coast. The region is not well know because of its beautiful blue ocean, but for its perfect conditions for windsurfing with its fierce wind and waves. Back in the days it was a very popular activity among families and water sports in the days it was a very popular activity among families and water sports addicts.
    Which may be one of the reasons why Claudio also started windsurfing. The beaches were full of windsurf enthusiast. In 1983 even the world championships were organised there. More than 100.000 people went to the coast of Scheveningen to witness the best windsurfers of the world competed in this epic competition.

  • Brusco

    Brusco is a surf brand of environmentally responsible surf accessories in all its products.  Its grips, leashes and watertight bags stand out for their high quality. Brusco surf accessories brand does not use plastic in its packaging and stands out for its commitment to the development of increasingly environmentally friendly surf accessories. 

  • Cabianca Surfboards

    Johnny Cabianca is a living encyclopedia when it comes to surfboards. He is a master when it comes to knowledge on the art of shaping even for the start when he was shaping for a young talented kid in Maresias, Brazil (Gabriel Medina).

    Johnny Cabianca and Mikel Agote founded The Basque Country Surf Company (BCSC), their facilities and R&D center in Zarautz shape surfboards for the whole world. With state of the art machines like the AKU shaping machine the quality is unbeatable.

  • Cafe Racer Dreams

    Cafe Racer Dreams (CRD) is the leading workshop in classic motorbike construction in Europe and in United States. Their new line of surfboards are made by hand and signed by the prestigious international shaper Ryan Lovelace.

  • Captain Fin

    Captain Fin is a brand of surf fins that has been designing and manufacturing fins for more than 10 years in collaboration with the best surfers and shapers in the world. Captain Fin fins offer great results on all types of waves. Within their catalogue we find twin fin, single fin, trifin surf fins. Both in FCS and Futures. A young brand with great influences from the world of skateboarding and the arts, with a clear goal, to create high quality products at a fair price.

  • Carver Skateboards

    Carver Skateboards is the world's leading brand in surfskates. Manufacturers of surfboards for asphalt.

    It all started in Venice, California when Greg Falk and Neil Carver were looking for waves in the summer, but none could be found. They started experimenting on street surfers to get the surf-like skate experience and slowly progressed until they got to the current signature truck.

  • Catch Softboards

    Catch is a brand of softboards that is born from California in 2007. The boom that the surf experiences in countries like the U.S. or Australia in the summer makes it very hard to surf in the main beaches. Precisely that’s why there´s the need to find a board that will let you surf in crowded beaches and that’s why a lot of surfers have to go in the water with softboards.

    Catch Surf reinvents the world of softboards from the hand of the illustrious body board designer, Tom Morey (Morey Boddie). The Californian brand makes top of the line softs, with forms and shapes for the retro surf and surf schools.

  • Channel Islands

    Channel Islands is one of the most prestigious surfboard brands in the world. Founded in 1969, since then Channel Islands has not stopped developing new surf products and accessories.

    Over the past 50 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local company to a cutting edge organization serving the world's best surfers. Channel Islands surfboards will shape the new millennium with their innovative designs, always with quality as the main objective.

    “The driving force behind Channel Islands Surfboards is the demand on design created by the world’s greatest surfers, allowing for the highest performance surfing possible. To provide the most dedicated surfers with the most advanced, performance designs is my passion” – Al Merrick, Designer/Shaper

    Channel Islands Surfboards also known as CI was created by Al and Terry Merrick in 1969. From birth, Britt spent his days at the factory on the beach in Santa Barbara, California. He spent most of his time in shape rooms designing new surfboard models. Eventually he began to shapear with his father Al in 1990. He is now CI's premier shaper and continues the family tradition of developing high-performance board designs in collaboration with the world's best surfers. From Tom Curren to Dane Reynolds, Channel Islands surfboards continue to evolve with the highest level of surfing.

  • Channel Islands Surfboards

    Channels Islands Surfboards is one of the best brands of surfboards in the world. It was founded in 1969 by the Merrick brothers (Al and Terry). Since then, it has specialized in the manufacture of high performance surfboards. His shaper Al Merrick, collaborates with some of the best surfers in the world, such as Dane Reynolds.

    In his surfboards catalogue you will find everything from models for intermediate surfers to pro models for the most experienced surfers. One of its most popular models is the Al Merrick New Flyer or the Al Merrick Biscuit. A board designed in 2006 by Rob Machado and has become one of the best selling surfboards in the world.

    Among its new models the Al Merrick Happy stands out. A shortboard performance designed to give surfers the freedom to go easily where their mind takes them.

  • Chilli Surfboards

    Chilli Surfboards was born in 1995 from the hand of shaper and founder Jamie Cheal in Australia. Today Chilli surfboards have become one of the leading surf brands on the international scene. In 2014 Andy Irons began to use his boards in the World Tour. Surfboards performance for all types of surfers and high quality. Single Quiver is the official Chilli Surfboards Europe store. 

  • Chris Christenson

    Chris Christenson is the founder shaper of Christenson Surfboards. He was born on May 14, 1973 in Whittier, USA. With more than 20 years of experience behind him, talking about Christenson's surfboards are synonymous with quality. In an industry where mass production abounds, it is difficult to find shapers who design, shape and glaze the boards by hand. That's precisely what Christenson does with each of his creations. Discover his story in our BLOG

  • Clayton Surfboards

    Behind Clayton Surfboards is Clayton Nienaber, one of the most prestigious international shapers. Professional surfer and shaper, Clayton Surfboards with a factory on the beach in Durban, offers a wide range of surfboards. Clayton surfboards are pioneers in SPINE-TEK technology. A fiber reinforcement designed to offer greater strength and durability and greater performance in flexing the surfboard. Discover their catalogue of extremely lightweight epoxy spine-tek surfboards that stand out for their flotation during paddling.

    Single Quiver is the official Clayton Surfboards Europe store. In our surfshop you will find all their surfboard models. From high performance models like the Clayton Mundaka or the Ned Kelly, to more retro models like the Clayton Retro Fish or even longboards or minimalibu.

    As the official surf shop of Clayton Surfboards we have access to all their models. Please contact us for 24- 48 hour delivery on stock models. In Single Quiver we give you the possibility to order your custom Clayton surfboard with a maximum delivery time of 3 weeks. We ship for free all over Europe.

    For more information and opinion about clayton surfboards visit our surf blog. Our experts have analyzed in detail some of their best known models such as the Modern Twin fin of the South African shaper. SURFBOARDS REVIEW

  • Colibri Surf Handboards

    Colibri Surf Handboards is one of the most influential bodysurf brands in the world. Their boards, which are used to catch waves with your hands, are 100% artisanal and made from Paulownia imported from sustainable plantations in Asia. Each handboard is sent with a numbered tag in a jute bag recycled from the coffee sacks used to transport the beans from Brasil, Vietnam, Kenya, etc. Buy your Total Eco Friendly Handboard from Single Quiver.

  • Creative Army

    Surfboards by the highly skilled surfer Josh Constable, having surfed for more than 20 years and won a world title, 6 Australian Titles and 51 career titles. He was able to work and get knowledge from the best shapers in the surfboard industry.

    Every Creative Army surfboard is handmade and unique. This makes every surfboard a work of art exclusive to you. Each board is made so that beginners are able to practice their skills and advanced surfers are able to get the maximum out of each surf session.

  • Creatures

    Creatures of Leisure is a leading brand of surf and bodyboard accessories in the industry. Grips, Leash and surfboard covers of great quality and with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. 

  • Deflow

    We feel thankful for being able to design, develop, and sell our own products. We have always loved surfing for the freedom and lifestyle that used to be and still represents. We want to empower the most important thing about surfing: Having FUN. This is how Deflow was born and what Deflow is today, a community of surf enthusiasts. Let’s have fun together

  • DHD Surfboards

    The famous Australian brand DHD Surfboards from the Australian shaper Darren Handley comes to Single Quiver. And it does so with its new summer Twin Fins collection. Darren Handley, has announced the launch of a new technology in his surfboards that combine the best aspects of the two most used materials today: fiberglass and traditional epoxy.

    Darren Handley grew up on Australia’s wave rich Gold Coast, a unique place in the World with regards to the high concentration of world famous waves and the talent the coast continually produces. It is the Gold Coast’s variety of waves that has allowed Darren to hone his skills for creating the most responsive boards in the world.

  • DMS Surfboards

    Daniel MacDonald, of DMS Surfboards, has established himself as one of Australia’s most versatile shapers. Daniel has traveled the globe extensively, learning from some of the worlds most respected shapers and craftsman. Using this knowledge and experience, he has forged his own path with a focus on both performance & fun models.

    Creator of the patented CARBON WRAP® & BIO WRAP technology, providing next level laminating techniques and EPS surfboard performance, Daniel has now released his latest INJECTION TECH construction. Maintaining a keen eye for performance and function with a passion for quality, DMS is designing surfboards in Currumbin on the Gold coast of Australia and inspiring the future of surfboard design globally.

  • Dreded

    Australian brand of minimalist grips

  • DVS Surfboards

    Dick Van Straalen is the creator of DVS Surfboards. Dick is one of the most innovative and creative shapers in Australia. A top surfer that started to give form to his own boards in his teens and learned his art in the northern beaches of Sydney in the 60s.

    Since then, he has slowly become a world acclaimed master that has shaped all kinds of boards; from paddleboards, longboards, guns, fishes and many other designs. In Single Quiver we have the all kinds of exciting boards from his collection a click away. Made with his favorite materials: ESP, carbon fiber and epoxy.

  • DVSport

    DVS SPORT SUP is a Spanish brand of inflatable paddle surfboards, kayaks and all kinds of Stand Up Paddle accessories. Within its catalogue you will find SUP quality inflatables, paddle surfboards, kayaks, paddleboard seats and all kinds of accessories (leashes, wetsuits, SUP backpacks, fins, inflatable pumps). 

  • Emery Surfboards

    Alan Emery was born in Byron and grew up in both Byron & Lennox Head, so it's only natural that Emery Surfboards is based in Byron Bay. The knack of surfboard design & the craft began from a childhood of surfing the surrounding breaks of his backyard, Northern NSW, Australia. 

    Emery Surfboards has evolved from a passion of surfing to an obsession of building surfboards. Emery has now become an international business & global brand with the boards being ridden all over the globe by world class surfers and everyday surfers just wanting to have fun.

  • Evoa

    The first ever sunscreen to be validated non eco-toxic to marine life, EQ contains no chemical filters to seep into the ocean – or into your skin. EQ only uses natural mineral pigments to block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, absolutely no parabens, petroleum, pesticides or synthetic fragrances. Only pure, powerful, eco-friendly ingredients.

  • Fanatic SUP

    Fanatic arrives to Singlequiver. One of the best Stand Up Paddle brands in the world. Discover the inflatable paddle surf boards of Fanatic in our online shop at the best price. We present you the complete range of SUP and Hydrofoil of the Austrian brand. Strike, Blitz, Falcon, Stubby, Fly, Allwave, Prowave, Ray... in our online paddle surf shop you can buy all Fanatic models. All Round inflatable SUPs, SUP boards for competition, touring or surfing. We invite you to know the range of Stand Up Paddle boards from Fanatic SUP.

    Fanatic SUP is an Austrian brand that has been manufacturing high performance boards since 1981. The boards of Fanatic Paddle Surf stand out for the quality of their materials and performance in the water. A brand that bets for the investigation and development of new products specialized in Paddle Surf, Windsurf and Hydrofoil.

  • Farking

    FK prides itseld on manufacturing high quality, world standard, thoroughly tested surfing accessories including surfing wax, surfboard grips and traction, surfing leashes and surf locks.

  • FCS

    FCS is the world's leading brand of surf accessories. When it comes to fins, FCS Surf is the most popular fin brand in our country. Practically 80% of the boards sold in our country have this system. If we talk about tailpads FCS collaborates with the best surfers in the world to develop their surf pads. Highlights Filipe Toledo, Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino. If we talk about surf leash, FCS has just won the prize for best leash of the year with its model FCS Freedom Leash by SIMA. When it comes to surfboard covers, FCS again leads the ranking of best travel covers.

    To speak of FCS is to speak of a leading brand in all types of surf accessories. Single Quiver is the official FCS Europe store. In our surfshop you will find the latest news about the brand. The best FCS fins, the latest tailpads on the market and the best surf leashes of the Australian brand.

  • Feather Fins

    Feather Fins is a European brand of high performance surf fins and surf accessories for surfboards. A product designed by and for surfers, with an attractive design and unbeatable prices. At Singlequiver.com we are an official Feather Fins shop. In our catalogue you will find all the Feather Fins surf fins. From the brand's signature fins such as the William Cardoso, Gony Zubizarreta or Jonathan Gonzalez fins to the brand's Ultralight models. Available for dual tab, single tab (futures) and double click (fcs 2) systems.

  • Firewire Surfboards

    Firewire Surfboards work with 4 types of materials in their surfboards: FST, LFT, Timbertek and Helium. Materials with which he manages to give his boards lightness, flexibility and hardness. If there's one thing the surfbrand stands out for, it's its innovative designs based on the latest technology.

    Kelly Slater has its own range of surfboards within Firewire, Slater Designs. With models like Cymatic, whose opinion you can read on our blog, Gamma, Omni or Sci Fi, Slater has been involved in the Firewire project because of its respect for the environment and its eco-friendly materials.

    Rob Machado has the Moonbeam, Midas, Creeper, Almond Butter and our favorite Go Fish. This was the first board which Rob first appeared on the market. A very good choice for the days of small waves in which you do not want to give up a good bath and enjoy the waves to the maximum.

  • Flowt

    Flowt is a brand of surfboards designed for the summer. All their surfboards are manufactured in Portugal and have an advanced shape, available in softboard, soft top or hard top versions. Their surfboards are adapted to your needs and offer a reliable and durable solution for those sunny days on the beach with your tribe of friends.

  • Futures

    Futures Fins is a worldwide reference in surf fins. Leader in sales of fins for high-performance surfboards.

    Leader in sales of fins for high-performance surfboards, the Californian brand began its journey in a garage in Huntington Beach in 1996. The Longo brothers, creators of the Futures fins brand, were known for facing all the challenges in the creation of aerospace parts. In 1996 they decided to combine their technical knowledge of the aerospace world with another of their passions. Surfing. As a result of this relationship, the first set of Futures keels was born. A surf keel, designed from innovative designs.

    Today Futures Fins has a team of high level international surfers. John John Florence, Rob Machado, Jordy Smith, Clay Marzo or dave Rastovich are some of the surfers that support these fins. Futures offers a great variety of fins. Single fins, Twin fins, 2+1 fins, Trifins, Quad, Five fins. Visit our outlet section for fins and get the best keels for you board at the best price.

  • Futures Fins

    Futures Fins is a worldwide reference in surf fins. Leader in sales of fins for high-performance surfboards, the Californian brand began its journey in a garage in Huntington Beach in 1996. The Longo brothers, creators of the Futures fins brand, were known for facing all the challenges in the creation of aerospace parts. In 1996 they decided to combine their technical knowledge of the aerospace world with another of their passions. Surfing. As a result of this relationship, the first set of Futures keels was born. A surf keel, designed from innovative designs.

    Today Futures Fins has a team of high level international surfers. John John Florence, Rob Machado, Jordy Smith, Clay Marzo or dave Rastovich are some of the surfers that support these fins. Futures offers a great variety of fins. Single fins, Twin fins, 2+1 fins, Trifins, Quad, Five fins. Visit our outlet section for fins and get the best keels for you board at the best price.

  • Gara Surf

    Gara Surf Essentials is a brand of surf accessories founded in the Basque Country. From its headquarters in the heart of European surfing, Gara designs all its surf accessories. A brand with high quality products at very competitive prices.

  • Gerry Lopez Surfboards

    Gerry Lopez grew up in the extraordinary place that was Hawai'i in the 1950s and 1960s. He played a part in the shortboard revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    He experienced the awe, fear and ultimate satisfaction of finding the tube in the early days at the Pipeline. He traveled for surf throughout the world: to the original surf camp at G-Land, the exotic islands off Sumatra and especially to the magic island of Bali, Indonesia - before it became a popular surf destination. He experienced the beginnings of windsurfing on Maui, the early years of snowboarding and tow-in surfing at Jaws.

    Fast forward to today and Gerry is shaping some truely unique boards that keeps his surfing journey moving forward. This colletection of boards represents the quiver that he takes around the world to surf the ultimate breaks.

  • Goldbeach

    With more than 15 years of existence, GoldBeach assures their customers they have the experience to make boards of all shapes and sizes. They have lived through the evolution of surf gaining the necessary knowledge to bring the best quality.

    GoldBeach has always looked for the newest technologies and materials helping them shape boards to get the best resistance, fluidity and floatability. Each board having gone through an experienced shaper so that every inch meets you standards.

  • Gorilla

    Gorilla Surf is one of the pioneering brands in the manufacture and development of grips for surfboards. Since it designed its first model in 1985, the Gorilla brand has continued to manufacture high quality surf accessories. Its surf pads are internationally recognized for their design and durability. 

  • Habitat Skateboards

    Created in 1999 and owned by the distribution company Tum Yeto. Habitat was founded by pro skaters Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender. Its brand is a sister brand to Alien Workshop and Reflex Bearings.

    Known for their deck designs. Habitat Skateboards skateboards are made with 5 sheets of maple. Using 5 sheets instead of 7 for a lighter board but without losing strength.

  • Hayden Shapes

    Haydenshapes Surfboards is a modern performance surfboard brand founded in 1997 in Sydney, Australia, by Hayden Cox at the age of 15. Inspired by design, technology, innovation and simple/clean aesthetic, Haydenshapes is sold in over 70 countries worldwide with a brand base and offices in both the USA and Australia.

    With a large focus on innovative performance surfboards, Haydenshapes aims to construct and provide premium performance designs that are fun to surf and work to improve the ability of the everyday surfer.

    Haydenshapes’ foundations revolve around modern design and innovation. The brands monochromatic black and white aesthetic is identified by the use of their signature FutureFlex parabolic carbon fiber rail, an innovative surfboard technology developed and patented by Hayden Cox and launched to market in 2006.

  • Hurley

    The Californian brand Hurley is a company dedicated to the production of clothing and items for surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. It was founded in 1979 by Bob Hurley in Costa Mesa, California. Today it is one of the best brands of wetsuits in the world. World Champion John John Florence is their most representative icon.  The best material for maximum performance in and out of the water.


    The ultimate tool for the maintenance of your surfboard. 

  • Indio Surfboards

    Indio Surfboards are one of the best international brands for softboards. Indio Softboards is born thanks to the great experience the Pukas team has. Their foam boards are made for all types of riders. From beginner surfers to surfers that are at an advanced level that are looking for a soft to have fun on the beach waves.

  • Indoboards

    Indo Board was founded with the mission to bring the fun and benefits of balance board training to everyone. The Indo Board (derived from the word indoor) was designed for indoor use so that everyone from children to seniors to professional athletes could enjoy the benefits of balance training and balance board exercises.

  • Island Tribe

    The Island Tribe brand was launched in 1992 with the aim of providing a waterproof sun protection to surfers and other watersport enthusiasts. The range consisted of one product only, the Island Tribe Clear Gel, which to this day has proven successful. The brand is now distributed in 25 countries worldwide.

  • JAM Traction

    Surf accessories brand specialized in grips for the best grip and comfort on your surfboard.

  • Jart Skateboards

    Jart Skateboards is, without a doubt, the national brand which has experienced the best international projection since its founding. From their factory in Irun, apart from Jart skate, comes out Iron Trucks, Long Island Longboards, Cruzade Skateboards and YOW surfskates. Today it’s a reference as a skate brand in all of Europe.

  • JS Industries

    Behind JS Industries is Jason Stevenson. Founder, owner and shaper of JS surfboards. His boards are one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Made in Australia with exceptional finishes, JS surfboards are a guarantee of quality and boasts of being one of the most respected brands in the world.

  • Libtech

    Lib Tech is a collective of creative board sports dreamers who have eliminated any barriers between us and actualizing the dream. Lib Tech produces snowboards, skateboards and now surf boards from their manufacturing base near Sequim, Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

    Lib Tech is known throughout the snowboard industry for their longtime commitment to environmental sustainability. Mike Olson took the first steps towards sustainability early in the history of Lib Technologies; he replaced toxic ABS plastic with recyclable polyethylene in 1986, and introduced sustainable polymer topsheets and bamboo cores in 1995.

  • Lightning Bolt

    Lightning Bolt Hand Made retro surf boards

  • Lost Surfboards

    Lost Surfboards in Australia operate out of the Gold Coast, an iconic surf spot known around the world. Popular Mayhem surfboards like the V3 Rocket and Puddle Jumper are some of the most regularly seen models at Australia surf spots as well as on surf trips around South-East Asia.

    The Lost Surfboard brand began in 1985 with now legendary shaper Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos and a bunch of school friends started up 'team lost' that would spend their time between snowboarding at Mt. Baldy, skateboarding in Upland at the Pipeline and surfing Dana Point. Team Lost scribbled their name on books, shirts, tables and eventually, a clothing brand was born.

  • LSD Surfboards

    Now based in Angourie NSW where the waves are some of the best in the country, Luke Short is able to keep the balance between shaping and surfing, keeping close to the source of inspiration. LSD Surfboards are performance based with a creative flare, embracing new technologies and never afraid to think outside the square.

  • Mark Richards

    To the surfing world Mark Richards needs no introduction as his name signifies history. For those of you that came in late Mark revolutionized the surfing world between 1978 and 1982.

  • McCoy Surfboards

    Today Geoff McCoy sits at the pinnacle of his profession. His designs are eagerly awaited and then instantly incorporated by his counterparts. This is the highest accolade that can be given to anyone.

    To ride a Geoff McCoy Designed and personally shaped surfboard is to be on a vehicle, which has taken years of knowledge to produce. This vehicle which has been brought into being, is at the very cutting edge of Design Through Development and will perform for each individual in a way that they could never before even dare to conceive possible. This product, produced by the Guru of surfboard design, will take you anywhere you want to go.

  • Mick Fanning Softboards

    Learning to surf is one of the most fun times in surfing as Mick Fanning says, but can also be dangerous if you get hit by your board or someone else gets hit. So Mick decided to make a board that was both safe and sick with the best performance.

    Each Model and Size in the MF Softboards Range is Designed To Mick's Specifications Using Advanced CAD Software. The EPS Core is CNC Milled Producing a Softboard With Unmatched Performance.

    The Carbon Fibre is recessed into the deck of the EPS Core resulting in storage of potential energy during bottom turns with a progressive release resulting in a smooth transition during top turns Resulting in a Softboard that offers Speed, Power and Flow

  • Miller Division

    Miller Surfskate or Miller Division Surfskates as it is officially known has been developing skates for years. Specifically since 2012. Date in which it was founded by the passion of the core board riders, with more than 30 years of experience in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

    With the arrival of the surf skates, they decided to launch themselves on the surfskate scene in 2016. Their surfskates have very aesthetic and modern designs and they are bursting onto the scene of this new type of skate. The Cantabrian brand Miller Division arrives with an XRKP Surf Truck that simulates the operation of Carver Skateboards CX axes.

    Located between the snowy mountains and the first surfing reserves in Spain, the brand has a #RideAnythingSkateEverything mentality that is inspired by the waves we surf, the snow we crush, the music we listen to and the beach or urban culture we breathe.

    Miller Division began producing longboards, surf skates, cruisers and skate accessories. Years later, it also began making premium skateboards and full skateboards under @MillerSkateboard for some of the world's best skateboarders.

    Today, they are in over 30 countries, including most of Europe, Japan, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Korea, among 

  • Moana

    Moana Skimboards is a new brand of skimboards made of wood and fiber of high quality.

  • Mobyk

    Mobyk innovative surfboards offer the ultimate technologies in fun and safety surfing, Mobyk offers a full range of surfboards and complements all types of surfers, from beginners who want to experience the thrill of surfing to experienced surfers wishing to add a summer wave board or to have fun in impossible conditions.

    There are 5 types of models within Mobyk; The TRITYPE series and is ideal for fun and a safe introduction for both children and adults who learn to surf safely. The other is the QUADTYPE  series, which is perfect for expert surfers who want a fun and safe surfboard for summer days, extreme wilderness conditions or for kids, the TWINTYPE model for kids, For schools we have 2 ranges one is SUPER SAFETY boards SCHOOL SOFT  and the other range are SUPER DURABLE boards SCHOOL EPOXY SOFT boards.

  • Mobyk Surfboards

    Mobyk innovative surfboards offer the ultimate technologies in fun and safety surfing.

    Mobyk offers a complete line of surfboards and accessories for all types of surfers. From beginners who want to experience the thrill of surfing, to experienced surfers who want to add a summer board or have fun in impossible conditions.

    Mobyk Softboards has 5 models of softboards: The TRITYPE series ideal for fun and safety. Perfect for beginners for young people and adults. The QUADTYPE series designed for advanced surfers who want a fun and safe board for the summer. The TWINTYPE model designed for children. And then two other softboard models designed for surf schools: the SUPER SAFETY SCHOOL SOFT and the SUPER DURABLE EPOXY SOFT.

    All of them are made with the best materials to guarantee their quality and durability. Single Quiver is the official Mobyk Softboards store. Our experts have analyzed in detail the soft mobyk boards. You can read our opinion about mobyk surfboards in our BLOG.

  • Next Surfboards

    Innovative and progressive Surfboard manufacturer developed and tested within the Basque Country Northern Spain.

    We create forward thinking surf experiences by pushing creativity, innovation and individuality in surfing and the life that surrounds it. What started out as passion has become its own path. We are continuing our quest to create innovative designs that move our collective experience forward.

  • NSP Surfboards

    NSP stands for “New Surf Project”. Established in 2001, the've stood at the vanguard of modern surfboard technology, producing light, affordable and ding-resistant surfboards. Almost 20 years and tens of thousands of boards later, NSP continues to build performing, affordable and durable surf- and SUP boards that allow everyone to surf.

  • O'Neill Wetsuits Limited

    O'Neill is one of the reference brands in the world of surfing. Founded in 1952 in California by its creator Jack O'Neill when he invented the first wetsuit. Jack O'Neill managed to use advanced materials in his time to lengthen the surf sessions and avoid the loss of body heat with his revolutionary invention. Since then O'Neill manufactures probably the best wetsuits and is known all over the world.

  • Ocean and Earth

    Ocean & Earth is the leader in surf products in the world. O&E was founded by Brian Cregan and Graham Williams's, in 1978 producing a couple of basic surfing products and a staff of three. Nowadays is one of the most important surf brands in the world.

    Ocean & Earth was founded by Brian Cregan and Graham Williams's, but was later established by Brian Cregan and partners in 1978 producing a couple of basic surfing products and a staff of three. Ocean & Earth slowly grew by establishing a network of retailers throughout NSW & Southern Qld (Australia). Staff knowledge of surfing helped with product development but many other areas of business were developed via trial and error.

    By the mid to late eighties the Ocean & Earth product range had grown significantly to encompass a broad range of surfing accessories, backpacks and a small range of clothing which still is the backbone of the company today. 2010 saw the introduction of the "World's Strongest Leash" - a fully moulded surf leash as opposed to three piece heat welded surf leash.

  • Origen Surf

    In a small workshop in Alcorcon, a municipality in Madrid, comes out artisanal surfboards made from wood that glide the waves of northern Spain. Juan Jose Guisado is the creator of these Origen Surf.

    A self-taught wood worker, he’s been shaping boards for more than five years and each board is handmade and each one is unique. Made from Spanish wood, they have another feeling in the water, they are more stable and rigid.

  • Oxbow SUP

    Oxbow is the name for a river that takes a meandering path on its journey to the ocean. Born in the mid-1980’s in Normandy, France, the Oxbow brand found inspiration in this idea – a desire to wander and an understanding that life is about the journey, not the destination. Choosing nature and the relationship with the ocean as it founding value, the brand puts emphasis on the quality of its products and the pleasure they bring, providing new twists on fashion with an unconventional approach.

  • Penny

    Australian Skateboard Brand

  • Plan B

    Plan B Skateboards is an original skateboard brand that was born in 1991, at a time when urban skateboarding was the new thing. Plan B skateboards and complete skateboards are known for their simplistic designs, reasonable price and quality materials.

    During Plan B's rise in the 1990s, founder Mike Ternasky assembled a "super team" of pro riders who played a key role in developing the popularity of the sport. Legend Rodney Mullen, the pro rider who invented the kickflip and heelflip, was an integral member of the team.

    Plan B continues to produce complete boards and skateboards of the highest quality to this day. Whether you're about to start your journey on wheels or you're looking for a decent upgrade, Plan B Skateboards will have something to offer you.

  • Premium Wetsuits

    Premium Wetsuits is a Spanish wetsuits brand with good durability and reasonable prices.

  • Pro Tec

    PRO-TEC, is a reference brand of skateboard protections. Their sets of skateboard protections for children and adults are a guarantee of quality at the best price. Take a look at our skateboard protection kits from the pro tec brand for children and adults. Knee, wrist and elbow pads packs.  Buy online Skateboarding Protections

  • Pukas

    Pukas Surfboards is a family business with HQ in Basque Country, and it has made a great reputation for itself making high performance surfboards. Pukas has been able to combine its global vision and its local knowledge to make some of the best surfboards in the world. Since they’ve give shape to their first surfboard in 1973, some of the best surfers in the world has come and gone through their ranks. Today the Pukas factory has been able to position itself as one of the most important surf brands in Europe.

  • Pyzel Surfboards

    The surfboards from Pyzel have been used by the best surfers in the world and won multiple prizes. Jon Pyzel was born in Santa Barbara, California. In 1998 Pyzel shaped his first board for John “John” Florence. John was barely 5 years old. Since then they´ve become inseparable. Today Pyzel Surfboards have grown to become an international business. The boards from Pyzel have been used by some of the best surfers in the world like John “John” Florence, Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Jack Freestone, Michel Bourez, Jadson Andre, Nathan Florence, etc…


    1. PU

    Building a surfboard in PU/PE means using a blank of polyurethane foam and glazing it with polyester resin. This is how most of today's surfboards are built. It's not a new way to make a board, but the materials are very stable, strong, consistent and easy to work with.

    Polyurethane foam is closed cell, which means it won't absorb easily into the water if you dent the board, and that also means it doesn't absorb too much resin when it's glazed, keeping your board light. Many surfers prefer the feel of PU/PE boards because that's what they've used all their lives, and because they feel great with this type of board.

    In Pyzel Surfboards they only use the best foam blanks, fiberglass and resin of the highest quality, and they also have the best shapers. The result is lightweight, high performance white boards at a reasonable price that look beautiful and work perfectly.

    2. EPS Standard

    EPS (Extruded Polystyrene, commonly called Styrofoam) is a very light foam that is glazed with epoxy resin to create a lightweight, sensitive surfboard that can help you get the most out of weaker, slower wave conditions. The foam itself is not as strong as traditional PU raw pieces, so Pyzel uses a stronger epoxy resin to make it strong enough to withstand, but still a little lighter than the PU/PE construction.

    The greatest advantages of Pyzel Epoxy boards are found mainly in the weight, but many people also prefer the overall feel of EPS rather than PU. The negative aspects are found in the cost (the average is about 100 euros more expensive per board) and also the weight and feel of the trip can be difficult to get used to at first.

    3. Pyzel Electralite Epoxy

    Surfboards made with ElectraLite Epoxy Tech technology are built to replicate the ultra-lightweight feel of a Pro surfboard, but with more strength and durability than PU. Lightweight and strong, with engineering flexibility that is designed to last.

    Pyzel uses recycled EPS Blanks without struts and epoxy resin (both help minimize their environmental impact), carbon reinforcement at the bottom and on the deck for increased strength and glazes with 4 ounces on the bottom and 6/4 ounce covers with a combination of E and S fabrics. The result is a super lightweight board with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, plus flotation for better rowing power, with a feeling of freshness and vitality.

    ElectraLite Tech is a great way to breathe new life into your favorite high-performance surfboard.

  • Quiksilver

    Since 1969 Quicksilver has been part of the surf culture and industry globally. A brand that differentiates itself by its surfboard quality, wetsuits and surf accessories.

    Quiksilver designs and produces an entire line of lifestyle apparel, wetsuits, and snow outerwear available across the globe. Their elite team of athletes have become icons throughout the world.

  • Radz Hawaii

    Radz Hawaii is a well-known Hawaiian surf Brand that makes accessories for paddle board, surf, windsurf and kite surf. This is a brand that counts with a great variety of products in their catalogue. Surf fins, leashes, paddles, ponchos and all types of surf accessories tested in the hard conditions of Hawaii.

  • Red Paddle Co

    Red Paddle Co is the world leader in Stand Up Paddle Inflatable Boards.

    Experts in the manufacture of boards that provide a unique feeling of paddleboarding. Its SUPs are a guarantee of quality and durability. Red Paddle Co was born in 2008 when paddleboarding was taking its first steps. Since then the continuous innovation in its inflatable boards have placed it as the benchmark brand in the Paddle Surf market. Its inflatable boards are rigid and stable enough to match the traditional rigid SUP.

  • Roxy

    Founded in 1990, ROXY is a brand of Quiksilver, Inc., the world's leading outdoor sports lifestyle company, which designs, produces and distributes a diversified mix of branded apparel, wintersports and surf equipment, footwear, accessories and related products. The Company's apparel and footwear brands represent a casual lifestyle for young-minded people that connect with its boardriding culture and heritage.

  • Santa cruz

    Californian Skate brand with the best products for the practice of skateboarding.

  • Seland

    SEALAND was founded in 1984 in Basque Country with the aim of fullfilling basic needs of the market and to provide to a large sporting public (divers, surfers, fishers…) the possibility to practise such activities at any season all along the year. In order to reach this goal the personnel of the company have focused their efforts in learning the characteristics of the neoprene as raw material as well as the processes of turning it into finished products. Another of its objectives is prolonging the lives of your wetsuits, and so they offer a repair service.

  • Shapers Australia

    Shapers Surf is an Australian owned surf company that is at the very grassroots of the surf industry. For over 25 years Shapers has been arming surfboard manufacturers at home and around the globe with the tools, materials and new-age composites to make the highest level of performance surfboards possible.

    Shapers Surf is a product of a partnership with surfboard manufacturers and professional surfers around the world. Shapers is dedicated to helping the surf hardware industry progress with the continued research and development of products that are functional, performance based and relevant to all surfers, in all conditions.

  • Sharp Eye Surfboards

    Sharp Eye Surfboards pushes the boundaries of modern design with a range of surfboard models that have been built to test conventional shaping practices. Sharp Eye Surfboards offer high quality, consistent board design.

    The Sharp Eye Brand started with head shaper Marcio Zouvi, beginning his shaping career in the late 80's with Californian influences like Rusty, Linden and Al Merrick. Sharp Eye Surfboards focus on high performance shortboards designed with progressive surfing in mind to allow surfers to raise the bar.

    The Sharp Eye Surfboards mission is to ensure every surfer is satisfied with a premium product and service they can rely on. Their knowledge in performance refinement means the entire collection of surfboard models from fun shapes to small wave performers offer every surfer the quality and craftsmanship expected from one of the world's leading surfboard brands.

    Sharp Eye Surfboards are ridden by some of the world's best including Filipe Toledo, Ian Gouveia, Silvan Lima, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Kanoa Igarashi, to name a few.

    Sharp Eye Surfboards are manufactured in San, Diego, CA and are shaped and finished locally.

  • SIC Maui

    SIC ""Sandwich Islands Composites"" is a brand of Hawaiian Paddle Surfboards that has been designing inflatable and rigid paddle surfboards for more than 20 years. In the SIC product catalogue you will find SUP Race, SUP All Round and SUP boards for surfing and windsurfing.

    The artisan quality of the SIC Paddle boards stands out, as well as the attention they pay to the smallest details during the manufacturing process. Something that has led them to win the Best SUP Award for the Paddling Magazine Industry Awards. That is why it is not surprising that the SIC paddle is known as the ""Ferrari of SUP"".


    We make Simba helmets to help foster a long and healthy water sports life for everyone.

  • Simon Anderson Surfboards

    Simon Anderson, creator of the tri fin "Thruster", is behind Simon Anderson Surfboards. Surfer, inventor, writer and shaper; Simon Anderson presents to you the old style all rounder Face Dancer surfboard.

  • Single Quiver

    Single Quiver Surfboards, distributor and maker of surfboards. Learning to surf? We help you buy your first surfboard. Also we have the Fin Finder and neoprene wetsuits. Customize your board to suit your needs.

  • Slater Designs by Firewire

    Kelly Slater Designs by Firewire is a high performance surfboard created by 11 times world champion Kelly Slater.

    The Firewire Surfboards brand counts with 4 distinct shapers under its brand: Kelly Slater Designs, Rob Machado, Firewire and Tomo. A collection of boards tested and designed by Slater, made for surfers with an advanced level and a certain grade of experience. We can highlight models like the Omni, the Gamma, the Cymatic or the Sci- Fi. These models are available in our surfboard outlet with special discounts.


    Slide Surfskates, is one of the brands of surf skates referenced in our country. Developed by Sancheski, Slide surf skates are very easy and comfortable to use. The Sancheski brand has been a pioneer in the manufacture of skateboards in our country. They began in 1966 and since then they have not stopped. This company, based in Irún, Basque Country, designs all its models which it later sends to China to manufacture.

  • Smoothstar

    Smoothstar is one of the best surfskate brands in the market. The Australian brand has created skateboards that are adapted to height, weight and surf style of the rider. Designed by and for surfers, their skateboards are used by surfers of all levels to improve technique. One of their riders is Filipe Toledo, the Brazilian surfer that also has his own model in the brand; The Smoothstar Holy Toledo 33´.

  • Softech

    Softech is one of the best known foam surfboard makers internationally. Softech offers the latest in fun and performance in softboards. Made with highly durable materials, the boards from Softech are made to resist the harshest of treatments and are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Apt for surfers of all levels, form the beginner to the experienced rider.

  • Solite

    Solite is a young brand of neoprene socks with an innovative system of custom fit to your foot. Surf boots that stand out for their comfort, warmth and durability. For more information on the Solite boots, please take a look at our Solite boots review. 

  • SPS SUP Boards

    The SPS SUP Boards is one of the best brands of inflatable and rigid paddle surfers on the market. Within its collection of Stand Up Paddle you will find All Round models for rides and trips, SUP Surfing, Touring, Windsurfing, Race and rigid paddle surf boards. All this is guaranteed by one of the best brands of Paddle Surfing in the world.

    Pioneers of SUP is SPS Paddle Boards is a brand that offers a top product in unbeatable quality and price. In love with inflatable paddle surf boards. Easy to store, inflate and use, they are ideal for moving around easily with them.

    Since 2018 SPS Surf designs and sells inflatable SUPS. More than 10 years accumulating experience in the use of technological innovations and testing all their paddle boards in expeditions in the Arctic or crossings in the Pacific by the hand of his most charismatic rider Antonio de la Rosa. SPS inflatable paddle surfboards and the entire range of oars of the brand have passed the most extreme tests.

  • Stacey Surfboards

    Stacey Surfboards MFG was started in 2009 by head shaper Lee Stacey to produce high performance shortboards and surfboards for the everyday surfer.

    They are known for producing some of the highest quality boards on the market as well as an ever expanding apparel range. Stacey has a strong brand culture that is a combination of street style and heavy music this is reflected in the brands logo and artwork associated with each model.

  • Starboard Foils


  • Starboard SUP

    Welcome to the world of Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing ~ the Worlds favourite Stand Up Paddling brand. Our awesome new 2019 SUP range is now shipping world wide.

    Built for paddlers, by paddlers. Over here at Starboard, there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. Prototypes that never make it out of the shaping room, experiments that would make you raise an eyebrow in disbelief, and of course, the testing. Oh, the testing. In a sport where millimeters and molecules make a massive difference, we’re proud to present our 2018 line-up: tested to be the most high-performing boards we’ve ever produced, and vetted to be the most eco-friendly boards on the market.

    Featuring innovations like Airline Technology, Deluxe Double Chamber, our eco-friendly construction methods, or the simple trash-gathering ‘paddle pick' we’re sure there’s a ride in this line-up for every paddler. We’re here to catch waves, win races and save the planet. We hope you’re on board.

  • Stewart Surfboards

    Stewart Surfboards inc. is headquartered in San Clemente, Ca. Owned and operated by original founder, artist and surfboard shaper Bill Stewart. Our 5000 sq.ft factory/ retail store produces and sells what are regarded by many as the best hand made, high performance surfboards on the market. Tested and proven designs ridden by the 3x World Long board champion Colin Mc Phillips, and other professionals as well as countless armatures .

    We specialize in performance surfboards, custom hand shapes and unique artwork in both traditional polyurethane and lightweight EPS.Bill is the pioneer in modern longboard design.During the eighties longboards were basically extinct.

    Bill and a handful of other shapers were responsible for the return of the longboard as we know them today. The first to apply the 2 plus1 fin configuration, fully beveled rails, and shortboard concave theories into his longboard designs in the early 80's. Co-inventor of the Future fin system box and the Strongbox.

    From the groundbreaking Hydro hull model to the incredibly technical Nightstalker, Bill is inspired to make any surfboard perform to its maximum capability, and does not rest on his laurels."Surfboards made the old fashioned way, only better”

  • Sticky Bumps

    Sticky Bumps paraffin wax begun to be made in 1972 under another company in California by John Dahl known as Wax Research, Inc. Today they make more than 4 million wax bars a year.

  • STX

    The STX SUP Boards is one of the best brands of inflatable and rigid paddle surfers on the market. Within its collection of Stand Up Paddle you will find All Round models for rides and trips, SUP Surfing, Touring, Windsurfing and Race. All this is guaranteed by one of the best brands of Paddle Surf in the world. 

  • Sunova

    Bert Burger, Martin Jandke and Klaus Christian Mueller have created one of the best teams in the industry. Together they make better Products and perfect Services in their own manufacturing facility The Board Factory Co., Ltd. for Sunova Surfboards.

    Sunova is an innovative brand in sliding elements, one of the best constructions. 


    Superbrand, founded in 2008 with team riders Dion Agius, Clay Marzo, and Ry Craike, is all about progression. By joining a team of young, innovative Surfboard designers—the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective—with a skate-influenced aesthetic and full-board graphics, Superbrand set new standards of excellence in the surfboard industry. Beginning with gaining a core following in the surf community with high quality and unique-looking boards, hype quickly grew.

  • Superfrog Designs

    Gérard Dabbadie shaped his first board in 1972. A surf fanatic, he worked first on his own riding style and technique, then used the experience and his contact with the top surfers of the day to start creating his own highly personalized shapes that quickly found favor with many top European riders.

  • Supersonic

    Behind Supersonic is the Cantabrian shaper Gaspar Bezanilla. Within the wide catalogue of Supersonic boards you will find boards for all types of waves and surfers. Quality boards, made with the best materials and with the guarantee of being manufactured in one of the best workshops in Spain.

    With the great selection of boards that Supersonic offers you can find surfboards for all types of waves and surfers.

  • Surfboards by Donald Takayama

    Takayama shaped at Surfboards Hawaii in the late 1960s, and founded Hawaiian Pro Designs in the late 1970s in Encinitas, California, Takayama was shaping some shorter surfboards in the 1960s and could be see riding his 5'10" any day it was breaking at Stone Steps in Encinitas, California, along with 1984 Pipeline Masters champion as Hawaiian Pro Designs' Joey Buran featured surfer.As the shortboard era progressed, Takayama refocused on longboards, creating the David Nuuhiwa and Dale Dobson models.

    In the 1990s, longboards made a re-emergence. Now under Takayama's Hawaiian Pro Designs label, and located in North County, San Diego, Takayama along with eight time World Longboard champion, Joel Tudor produced functional and also collectible surfboards.

    Among collectable boards was a series of wood alaias designed by Takayama and built by Floridian Brandon Russell in Oceanside, California from 2008 to 2010. Less than 50 of these functional replica surfboards were made, making them particularly sought after by collectors. Nearly half of this collection was shipped to Japan in 2009, and many of the others were built for team riders.

    Hawaiian Pro Designs currently has dealers and offices in California, Texas, Hawaii, Europe, Taiwan, Australia and Canada.

  • Surflogic Surf

    Born in Basque Country in 2005 Surflogic develops high quality products which improve the day to day life of surfers and watermen. SurfLogic is: innovation, security, quality and passion.

  • Surftech

    The Art of Technology 

    Our Story begins in 1989 with a quest to build a lighter and much more durable surfboard.  After a lot of testing, what would become the now world famous Tuflite was perfected.  Today we make boards for most of the best shapers, brands and athletes in the world.  These brands include NSP, Dick Brewer, Channel Islands, Donald Takayama, Stewart, Munoz, Robert August (Endless Summer fame), Sharp Eye and of course Surftech.  Recently we introduced several new technologies called Fusion Dual Core, Fusion-E2, Coco Mat, Coco Flax, Pro Tech and two new Soft Top constructions.  

    Around 2000, Hawaiian watermen started exploring ways to stay fit between swells.  This activity would become Stand-Up Paddling or “SUP”.  Surftech became the first commercially available SUP board brand available to the general public.  Today, Stand Up Paddle boards have evolved to become technical equipment made for Touring, SUP Surfing, Racing, Fishing, Women and All-Around recreational usage.

      The Women’s designed “Aleka” collaboration with Prana Clothing won both 2018 Outside Magazine “Gear of the Year” award as well as the SUP Connect “Grade A” awards.  We offer many different Inflatable designs that make storage and transportation easier.  Working with world leading designers like Joe Bark and Jeff Clark, Surftech continues to push the boundaries of performance and durability.  Our Bark designed Prone boards and NSP and Bark SUP Race boards are known the world over.     

  • SwellTech Surfskate

    SwellTech Surfskate, previously known as Surfskate industries, will help you perfect your surf. Their V-Truck has been updated and with that came the change in name.

    A relatively new US brand that has the objective of bringing surf to the road just like in the water.

    Colin Newton, the one that started the project, used old longboard trucks and spare parts that he had at home to create the first V-Truck.

    After lots of work and trials, in 2017 they completely renovated  with more stability and surf in the trucks.

  • Swox

    SWOX products combine modern UV filters and natural, non-allergenic ingredients to offer the best protection for outdoor athletes like you.

    Our products are developed in collaboration with dermatologists, scientists and world-class outdoor athletes. We know that surfers, mountain bikers, runners, beach volleyballers, snowboarders and skiers place high demands on their sunscreen. And we know that parents want only the best quality sun protection for their kids.

    That is why it’s part of our philosophy at SWOX to ensure that our products are very water resistant, have a high sun protection factor and do not make your eyes sting. Our gentle formulas are suitable for sensitive skin, made with mineral sun filters and eco-friendly, organic and sustainable ingredients.

  • Timmy Patterson Surfboards

    Timmy Patterson is a well-known California shaper. Some of his surfboard models have been ridden by surfing legends such as Andy Irons, Christian Fletcher, Mike Parsons, Jordy Smith, Sunny Garcia, Jaime O'Brien or the recent world champion Italo Ferreira. There is no pro surfer who has not succumbed to a T-board. Patterson and who hasn't had one of his shapes in his quiver. 

  • Tony Hawk

    All children who are just starting to skateboard should use a protective kit of helmet, elbow, wrist and knee pads. Tony Hawk skate protection sets and packs are ideal for little skateboarders. 

  • TSG

    TSG is a company dedicated to the manufacture of protections for snowboarder, freeskiboarders, skateboarders, bikers... So they can make the best jumps and be fully protected. A company that is characterized by using the best technology and the best designs for the manufacture of their products.

  • Vampirate Surfboards

    Based in Santa Barbara, Vampirate Surfboards are a surf brand inspired by surfing tradition of fun and experimentation.

    Combining the shaping talents of surfer Mark Gnech and the style and vibrance of free surfing, Ozzie Wright, Vampirate Surfboards creates boards that are meant to accentuate the fun in surfing. Looking at surfing as an innovative and progressive sport has led to designs that may seem unconventional, but result in a real fun ride.

  • Webber Surfboards

    Greg Webber is a non-stop innovator and shaper for top surfers all over the planet. In 1970 Greg started shaping Styrofoam boards at age 10 and put timber fins in them and copied the shape from Hot Buttered and McCoy surfboards.

    Three years later he founded his comapny with his brother and after ups and downs Greg re-founded Webber surfboards in 1996 back at Yamba and then moved back to Sydney in 2004 to continue to build Webber surfboards. Webber Surfboards sponsored Taj Burrow and shaped boards for guys like Andy Irons, Damien Hobgood, Chris Ward, Josh Kerr.

  • Wilde Shapes

    Greg Webber is a non-sto

    Sean Wilde started Wilde Shapes over twenty five years ago in Huntington Beach California, after moving from Australia at the age of sixteen. His designs have been dramatically influenced by a decade of shaping in the States and now with a further seventeen years back in Australia his surfboards are a perfect blend of both styles.

    Although working on his own designs since day one, Sean has also shaped for some of the most highly regarded shapers in the industry. He passed on his knowledge and his prized planer which Sean still uses to this day.

    p innovator and shaper for top surfers all over the planet. In 1970 Greg started shaping Styrofoam boards at age 10 and put timber fins in them and copied the shape from Hot Buttered and McCoy surfboards.

    Three years later he founded his comapny with his brother and after ups and downs Greg re-founded Webber surfboards in 1996 back at Yamba and then moved back to Sydney in 2004 to continue to build Webber surfboards. Webber Surfboards sponsored Taj Burrow and shaped boards for guys like Andy Irons, Damien Hobgood, Chris Ward, Josh Kerr.

  • Xcel Wetsuits

    Xcel’s reputation for exceptional product quality is a clear result of an unwavering dedication to research, development, and design innovation. With tropical to cold-water products for men, women, and youth, the brand stresses performance: maximum stretch and durability, sealed-seam construction, and a fit that feels custom-made every time.

    Ed D’Ascoli founded Xcel in 1982, working from the bedroom of his Sunset Beach house. D’Ascoli found no shortage of inspiration from the world-class performances on display at his doorstep; and the opportunity to create and to connect high-performance products with the athletes who demanded them was irresistible. Xcel’s passionate focus on product development would become the defining characteristic of the brand.

  • Zero Surfboards

    Are you a beginner surfer that wants to get your first fiber surfboard? Buy one of our beginner packs from Zero Surfboards. Boards made in Basque Country from quality materials at a competitive price. The beginner pack includes a fiber board, tail pad, leash and travel cover from the Australian brand Shapers.



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