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SwellTech Surfskate, previously known as Surfskate industries, will help you perfect your surf. Their V-Truck has been updated and with that came the change in name.


A relatively new US brand that has the objective of bringing surf to the road just like in the water.

Colin Newton, the one that started the project, used old longboard trucks and spare parts that he had at home to create the first V-Truck.

After lots of work and trials, in 2017 they completely renovated  with more stability and surf in the trucks.

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  • SwellTech Premiere Series SwellTech Premiere Series
    SwellTech Premiere Series

    The first SwellTech Surfskate, and probably the coolest looking in the market. They maintained the outline and shape of the first surfskate.

    290,00 €
  • Swelltech Wheels 70mm (set 4) Swelltech Wheels 70mm (set 4)
    Out of stock
    Swelltech Wheels 70mm (set 4)

    New 70mm Offset SurfSkate wheels make your board roll faster and your springs last longer. 

    30,00 €
  • SwellTech Hybrid Series SwellTech Hybrid Series
    Out of stock
    SwellTech Hybrid Series

    The SwellTech Hybrid Series are a combination between the Jamie O´Brien Pro Model and the Premiere Model. Somewhere in between, the Hybrid is 36" long and has the same width as the Premiere (9 3/4") with a wider nose and tail.

    278,00 €
  • SwellTech Jamie O´Brien Pro Model SwellTech Jamie O´Brien Pro Model
    Product available with different options
    SwellTech Jamie O´Brien Pro Model

    SwellTech Jamie O´Brien Pro Model it´s the pro model surfskate for the hawain free surfer. No waves? No problem. The SwellTech surfskate system will improve your surfing before the next swell hits. The SwellTech trucks are designed to mimic the movement of a surfboard by having a completely free motion front truck, with a more rigid standard truck in the...

    298,00 €
  • SwellTech Austin Keen Pro Model SwellTech Austin Keen Pro Model
    SwellTech Austin Keen Pro Model

    New Swelltech Surfskate model in collaboration with Austin Keen.  This is the shortest swelltech board with 33 inches. The compact size is good for tight turns, fast maneuvers and tight posture riders.

    278,00 €

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