List of products by manufacturer Stacey Surfboards

Stacey Surfboards MFG was started in 2009 by head shaper Lee Stacey to produce high performance shortboards and surfboards for the everyday surfer.


They are known for producing some of the highest quality boards on the market as well as an ever expanding apparel range. Stacey has a strong brand culture that is a combination of street style and heavy music this is reflected in the brands logo and artwork associated with each model.

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  • Tabla de surf Zombi Wolf FCS II Stacey
    Surfboard Zombi Wolf FCS II Stacey

    The apocalypse is coming, be prepared. You need a weapon that’s easy to handle and delivers a crushing blow. Zombie Wolf comes from our original Wolf and Dire Wolf models, blending a shortboard and step-up style surfboard into one. Paddle into waves easily, but throw that tail when you want.

    650,00 €
  • Tabla de surf Pedro 5F Future Stacey
    Out of stock
    Surfboard Pedro 5F Future Stacey Surfboards

    “Everyone knows someone like Pedro. A little soft around the edges, maybe not as cool as the ‘in crowd’but super reliable and always fun to have tag along. Vote For Pedro! “

    650,00 €

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