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Dick Van Straalen is the creator of DVS Surfboards. Dick is one of the most innovative and creative shapers in Australia. A top surfer that started to give form to his own boards in his teens and learned his art in the northern beaches of Sydney in the 60s.


Since then, he has slowly become a world acclaimed master that has shaped all kinds of boards; from paddleboards, longboards, guns, fishes and many other designs. In Single Quiver we have the all kinds of exciting boards from his collection a click away. Made with his favorite materials: ESP, carbon fiber and epoxy.

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  • Tabla de surf DVS Skate 4F Future LCT
    Out of stock
    Surfboard DVS Skate 4F Future LCT

    The Q-Skate is a wide square tailed, pointed nose, high volume board with a quad fin set up. It has the signature DVS bottom of a single concave running into a double concave vee and the back half of the deck is concaved, so that your front foot is actually higher than you back foot.

    440,00 € 550,00 € -20%
  • Tabla de surf DVS WASP 4F Future Fish LCT
    Out of stock
    Surfboard DVS WASP 4F Future Fish LCT

    The Wasp is a swallow tailed, fish type shape that is quad fined and it has a string in its tail. 

    495,00 € 550,00 € -10%
  • Tabla de surf DVS Micro 3F Future LCT
    Out of stock
    Surfboard DVS Micro 3F Future LCT

    The Micro has a round nose, pointed round tail combination outline and is flat rockered with a touch of extra tail lift. The bottom configuration is a single concave up front into a double concave Vee with a thruster fin set up. The fuller outline and flat rocker makes catching waves easy and the “Micro” is like a flying sled that fire up in just about...

    595,00 €
  • Tabla de surf DVS Mal 10´BOX FCSII LCT
    Out of stock
    Surfboard DVS Mal 10´BOX FCSII LCT

    The Longboard in this quiver is the Allrouder. This is no round nosed log, but a highly responsive surfboard that can handle many conditions from 1ft to 8ft. It has a slightly pointed nose, a fullish pintail outline and the bottom is a single into a double concave vee. It can noseride, trim, as well as pull into the tube in hollow waves. It’s a very...

    695,00 €

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