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Born in Orio, a small fishing town in the coast of Guipuzkoa. Since he was small, his father would take him out to sea in his  fishing boat to learn how to swim. He remembers his beginnings in surf with special care: “I started to surf when I was ten years old, and I remember perfectly that my first wave stayed with me my whole life” – Mikel Agote


Agote is has a passion for winter waves. For many years, he was centered in surfing big waves in the Cantabrian coast with Ibon Amatrian, a great friend and master.

In the year 200 he started to work with Pukas, given the great curiosity he had in deepening his knowledge on surfboards: “I had the luck to have Johnny Cabianca as a mentor, who transmitted with great enthusiasm the fundamentals and the love for this job”. In the year 2005 he shaped his first boards, and subsequent years he had the opportunity to collaborate with the best shapers in the world: Mayhem, Tokoro, Chili, Peter Daniels, Rawson…

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