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Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable Paddle Board

Going to buy your first paddle board? If you are then its more than likely that you´ll have a lot of questions before buying. Like, do I buy a hard shell or an inflatable? To make your choice easier, we encourage you to check out our blog where we have a section dedicate dspecifically towards Paddle Board. Any way here are some highlights.

Inflatable paddle board vs hard SUP

The main advantages that the inflatable SUPs have vs traditional rigid paddle boards have are these 5:

1. Easy to transport

If you are one of those people that like to travel and are fascinated about aquatic sports you should have an inflatable SUP. They are easy to transport. Since when they are deflated, you keep it in a bag and done. Onwards to the next adventure! Also, these types of boards are bulky and weigh little compared to a rigid SUP.

2. Resistant

Although they are inflatable, it doesn´t mean they are fragile. It also doesn´t mean that at the smallest cut they will break. Also they are usually designed with special protection in mind which makes them rigid and resistant. The brands realize a strong investment in R+D to get a quick evolution in these types of boards. Brands like Red Paddle Co put their SUPs through harsh conditions and tests so that they will be reliable in any situation. This pioneering brand boasts of having ridden an excavator of 22 tons over their boards.

3. Reduced size

Inflatable paddle boards that are folded have a size of approximately 120x50x40cm. This size helps the transport and the possibility of going anywhere in the world with you SUP material. On you back, checked in a plane, kept in your wardrobe or in a basement, its reduced size is really a plus compared to fiber boards.

4. Weight

The inflatable paddle boards have a lower weight than rigid SUPS or fiber SUPS. Thus they are more manageable for smaller or not as strong people.

5. Different types and modalities of SUPs

If there is something that stands out of inflatable paddle boards it´s their versatility in the water. The diversity of shapes makes it so that there are different and specific models for each of the disciplines like the Ride 10´6 from Red Paddle Co. You can find inflatable boards for surf, touring around, doing yoga, descend rivers or competition. The possibilities rise each year.

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SIC TAO Air-Glide's Inflatable Paddle Surf is designed specifically for the rider who wants a board to take with the family, surf small or medium waves, take a SUP yoga class or go for a ride along the coast.


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