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Shapers Fins AM1 Spectrum

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Before buying a set of surf fins, you need to ask yourself 5 things:

1. What configuration does my surfboard need?

Today we have a great variety of models. Longboard fins, twin fins, single fins, quad fins, five fins, fcs fins, futures fins, FCSII fins and a long etc… These have evolved, and today there are many doubts when trying to choose the ones that best adapt to our style. In fact, the large catalogue that exists can be very confusing for someone that’s just starting. That’s why the first tip that we give you is that you limit your search of fins to the type of board you have.

2. Mount system: FCS or Future

Before getting your surf fins you should take into account the mounting system that you have in your board. FCS, FCSII or Futures. For more information on these systems we advise you to check our post FCS or Future? Here we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the systems.

FCS system: it’s the most popular mounting system. Practically 80% of the boards that are sold in our country (Spain) have this system.

Futures system: very popular in the U.S. it’s the second most used mounting system in our country

FCSII system: is the latest to come into the market and there are more fans every day. This system lets you mount and unmounts without the need of a tool.

3. What type of waves am I going to surf?

This is another one of the key questions that you have to ask yourself before buying one model or another.

Crumbly waves, vertical fast waves, beachbreaks, Mediterranean waves, fast tubes like in Indonesia…

  •          For small waves, like the waves that we have in the summer or the Mediterranean, its better if you get fins with not much of an angle (small sweep or rake). With these types of fins you´ll get more stability and maneuverability in your board and you can do turns more comfortably.
  •          For faster more vertical waves it´s better to get more inclination angle, so a fin that’s lying down more. With these surf fins you´ll be able to go faster and do wider bottoms. A good fin model for these types of waves is the Carbon Hybrid MB2 from the surfer Matt Banting.

4. What´s my surf level?

If you´ve just started, don´t complicate your life. It´s possible that you don´t notice the difference between one set of fins and another. If you already have an intermediate level and you want to try different sensations with the same board, we encourage you to try different materials. The carbon fins are more rigid than the plastic fins, so they are more stable.

5. What size do I need?

To choose your fins correctly you have to take into account your weight. Just like with wetsuits, fins are also classified by sizes. The manufacturers assign a range of weights for each of the sizes. The sizes are: XS, S, M, ML, L and XL. The majority of manufacturers indicated the weight for the rider.

XS: For kids or small riders with a weight of up to 45kgs

S: For kids or small riders of 45 to 60kgs

M: For surfers between 60 and 80kgs

ML: For surfers between 75 and 90kgs

L: For surfers between 85 and 100kgs

XL: For surfer with 100kgs+

The AM1 Corelite fins are the result of a collaboration between shaper Al Merrick of Channel Island Surfboards and the Australian fin brand Shapers Fins. These fins are designed for fast and high performance surfing. A recommended option for surfers between 60-80kgs.

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Shapers Fins AM1 Spectrum

  • The AM1 fins are designed to be very fast and offer a very high performance. They perfectly combine speed, drive and release.
  • Their raked footbed and wide base offer good drive and control which together with their smaller central fin allow you to reduce drag and increase release when you need it.
  • The width of the base and its shape allow you to control the grip.
  • Features: Drive 10; Flex 7; Release 5; Pivot 3.
  • Size M for surfers between 60 and 80 kgs.
  • Includes set of three fins and key.

Size Rear Fin:

  • Base: 110mm - 4.34".
  • Depth: 111mm - 4.35".
  • Sweep: 35º degrees
  • Foil: 50/50.

Front fins measurements:

  • Base: 114mm - 4.48".
  • Depth: 114mm - 4.48".
  • Sweep: 35.5º degrees
  • Foil: Flat.

Made with Spectrum technology that offers you a highly effective 4 phase kinetic flex pattern that gives surfers maximum feel and control. Designed with a complex blend of glass, carbon and black fibre that is layered in a format that specifically controls flex. A popular construction that welcomes the highest level of surfing performance.

The third fin gives the board more speed and makes manoeuvring easier. It is a perfect blend between the precision of the single fin and the speed of the twin fins.

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Data sheet

AM1 Corelite
Fins Configuration
Type of product
Fins Size
Number of Fins
60 - 80 KG
Type of Surfboard
Fin System
Delivery Time
24- 48 hours
Fin Material
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